Thursday, 12 November 2009

Toy Story Mania - Wii

There are times when being a mum of boys is very hard work, particularly when it comes to play-time. We go down the crafty route a lot, but when it comes to playing it usually revolves bashing a few figures around in pretend fights. I don't think my knuckles can take much more in terms of toys bashing against them. So you can imagine my delight in discovering this game for the Wii. My favourite movie in the whole world is Toy Story, so I was more than pleased at the thought of some mother/son bonding time over a Wii game.

Putting it in to the Wii Machine, we set about playing and gathered our verdict..........

Firstly, it was great to be greeted with the familiar voice of Buzz Lightyear. No cheap voice imitations used here. This immediately made me warm to the game, knowing that we were able to interact with some of our favourite characters in a sense.

The game is based on a ride in Walt Disney World. If the game is anything to go by, the ride must be a lot of fun. We had fantastic fun and with over 25 games combining arcade style shooting and various arcade-style games we were spoilt for choice. Up to 4 players can play this game, which I am sure would make a good competitive evening. You also have the choice of wearing 3D glasses which come with the game, but unfortunately we weren't very impressed with this aspect. It seemed to make game play more disorientating.

The game contains over 25 mini-games in which you earn points which can be used to unlock bonus items. Whilst it's not a particularly challenging game for adults, it is a game children will enjoy as goals are obtainable. Choose between 'Story' or 'Free Play'. Story mode involves you completing the required objectives before you can unlock the particular level in free play. Once you have unlocked 'Free Play' mode you can pick and choose which level you want to play.

We particularly enjoyed:
  • The range of shooting games which require point and click action. Great for improving hand - eye coordination in children. If you are playing multi-player on this game, this usually revolves you all falling around with laughter, whilst frantically trying to beat each other.
  • Trying to hit the most targets.
  • Doing a spot of fishing.
  • Trying our strength with the hammer.
  • Hamm's egg toss.
  • Bo Peep and her balloon pop.
  • Buzz Lightyear's ring toss.
  • The Army Men's plate breaking.
  • Woody's suction gun shooting.

The quality of the game is excellent and holds the same level of credence as the movie for me. Highly addictive and highly recommended! Would make a great Christmas gift!

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