Sunday, 10 October 2010

Review: Zingzillas: The Album

If the children in your household watch Cbeebies, you will undoubtedly have seen or heard Zingzillas. The show makes a refreshing change to traditional children's TV shows however as it brings a unique musical element along with it. Bringing new and old kinds of music to children's attention and maybe will even cause children to take up playing an instrument.

I was highly amused when my 22 month old watched Zingzillas as his little face lit up and he started boogying along in his pushchair, so much so that I had to let him out to have a little dance.

As much as we love Zingzillas, there are times when you want to shut off the TV and engage children in other activities and that's why I was ever so pleased when I heard there was a Zingzilla's album being released as I envisioned getting my son up dancing and burning off some of that everlasting energy he seems to behold.

Here's a bit more info on the CD:

The hit pre-school show ZingZillas follows band-mates Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum through their music adventures on their tropical island paradise. This band of primate friends live to play fantastic music. With the help of their mentor, music guru DJ Loose, they create their unique ZingZilla sounds just in time for their daily performance, The Big Zing.

As well as these regular island dwellers, the island is visited in every episode by a different musical guest. The ZingZillas always discover their musical guest in a lush jungle glade which pulsates with music. They take inspiration from the guests and incorporate them and their sounds into The Big Zing.

With musical influences from rock to soul, jazz to samba and big band to orchestra, the ZingZillas have got pint sized viewers (and their mums and dads) jumping and jiving to a brand new beat.

The 4th October sees the release of ZingZilllas: The album, which will be available on CD and digital download. The album includes the band’s first single, Do you Didgeridoo? As well as an extended version of the infectiously catchy ZingZillas theme tune.

Serving up listeners with a host of world music from over 20 counties, the album features 26 tracks including hits such as Bhangra Beat, The Great ZingZilla Band and Let’s Hear You Scat.

We were sent this CD to review so what did we honestly think?

There is huge diversity in music on this CD and so listening to the album is never boring (which can often be the case when it comes to children's CD's.) You have the BBC orchestra, bagpipe players, rock bands, pianists, drummers, saxophonists, jazz bands and much more. It's amazing!

Initially my toddler seemed more interested in looking at the CD case and pointing in amazement at the brightly coloured characters gracing the front cover, and even more so when he discovered his reflection in the back of the CD. But after taking the CD off him before he caused any damage, he quickly cheered up when I placed the CD in the CD player and he proceeded to happily dance away.

It was great to hear such feelgood music playing with such appealing lyrics for children. If songs like these can drum home the importance of recycling and making friends at a young age then that can only be a good thing. For now though my little boy just seems to enjoy dancing along to the music.

The fact that the album contains 26 songs means that this CD has a very long shelf-life or rather a very long life in my CD player. We probably listen to about 4 or 5 songs at a time, meaning that each time we put the CD back on we can listen to some relatively new songs again. Our favourites being 'Welcome to the Island' and 'Litter, Litter, Litter.'

And in the words of one of the songs 'Do you want to have fun?' - if so, then get your hands on one of these albums.

It's sure to go down a treat with your kids if they are Zingzilla fans.

Certain to get fans singing, grooving and dancing just like their favourite primate friends, Zingzillas: The Album will be available through all good retailers.

CD Product Information:

Cat. Number: LTDMG021

Release Date: 4th October 2010

RRP: £9.99

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