Saturday, 21 November 2009

Lakeland Bethlehem Advent Stable

Christmas is coming and what better way to build the excitement and anticipation than with an advent calendar. After evaluating the quality of this advent calendar, I almost feel like substituting the Marks and Spencer slogan. 'Not just any advent calendar, but a Lakeland calendar.' I admired this advent calendar in the Lakeland catalogue for a long while but struggled over the issue of price. It was £59.99, but is now on sale at £39.99, so for anyone who wants a treasure; buy it now. It is most certainly worth it!

Last Christmas I was very ill, I gave birth to my son on the 21st December (induced through having preeclampsia) and on Christmas Day I barely made it downstairs I was so weak. So I vowed this Christmas will be the best ever. SO I decided that meant creating the ultimate Christmas atmosphere, which involved getting the most out of this world calendar. Yes, this one......

So here is my review:

When the postman knocked on the door with the Lakeland package I was immediately surprised by the weight of the box. This calendar is no cheap, flimsy item. It is a heavy, well built, sturdy item that is going to last and last. In fact, I can envision this advent calendar being handed down from generation to generation.

When we pulled the advent calendar out of the box, the whole family gathered around to gasp over the beauty of it. December isn't here yet, and already it demands attention as it is just so beautiful. It has quickly become a centrepiece in my living room.

The whole scene looks like someone has waved a magic wand over a real life scenario, to create this miniature version. That's how realistic the calendar is. The rafters on the roof look real and feel real. You can almost smell the smell of the hay, and see the stars twinkle, as the whole scene is so atmospheric.

As you can see from the below photo, it looks just like the catalogue photo.
Here is the back of the calendar.

Inside the stable. How great is that????The scene is on a revolving base so that you can swivel around 360 degrees for easy access. Inside each of the 24 hinged boxes is a character to make up the Bethlehem scene. Below you can see the quality and details of the characters.

Amazing isn't it?

Whilst I don't see myself as particularly religious, I think it is good for children to know the background of why people celebrate Christmas. It's a lovely way of making Christmas a bit less commercialised and it's great that you don't have to pump your children full of sugar each day! We absolutely adore this calendar, it looks classy, is fantastic quality and drums home the real reason that we celebrate Christmas. Come Christmas Day, this scene is going to look absolutely amazing!

Verdict 5/5

Available from Lakeland


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  2. What a brilliant piece of workmanship. IT'S NICE TO SEE THINGS REVERTING BACK TO THE TRADIONAL WAYS

  3. Please tell me if this is available in the US? I do not know how to order and I would like to order 3 of these. How do you translate to American Dollars.