Sunday, 22 November 2009

Original Gift Company Christmas Express Train

If you are looking for a scene setter for Christmas, then this is it! Place this beneath a Christmas tree or as a table centrepiece and delight all your friends and family. It is little touches like this train that make a house look truly magical. In fact, when you have this in your household it turns your house into a lookalike of Santa's workshop. Truly magical! I found this treasure online at The Original Gift Company.

This is not a toy but a festive decoration. It is made of metal, hand-painted and embossed. As you can see from these photos the detail is really amazing.

It has articulated rolling wheels and is 31" long. I love the detail of the smoke

As soon as December arrives I will be filling up the carriage and train with Cadbury's Roses and candy canes.

Each carriage connects by a hook and loop. The train would look great with some fairy lights draped over it as well. I just love this item, if anyone else has any novel Christmas decorations, I would love to hear from you!

This one is exclusive to The Original Gift Company and priced at £29.95, but will last me forever.

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