Monday, 18 October 2010

Review: Zingzillas - Play and Groove Panzee

It's still Zingzilla fever in our household. My 22 month old just can't get enough of them. I think it's the combination of the friendly faces, the bright colours and patterned clothes that they wear. Throw in the upbeat and enthralling music and it's no wonder they are loved by all toddlers. Quite a combination!

Every time Toddler Craftiness watches Zingzillas he has to get up and dance, and so I was curious to try out one of this Christmas's top toys on him - the 'Play and Groove Panzee.' As soon as the fluffy pink hair appeared from the top of the box, my toddler yanked her out with squeals of delight. He tried to poke her in the eyes a few times, as her eyes are not just sewn on flat eyes, they are three-dimensional hard eyes, and this seemed to be an attraction for him. Next, he tried to tug her tambourine, which seemed to frighten him for a second, because suddenly Panzee introduced herself to him. Panzee was busy informing him that she wanted to dance, but the trouble was that I hadn't even removed her out of the box yet. From that point on I got rather impatient yelps and looks from Toddler Craftiness.

Getting her out of the box, Toddler Craftiness was absolutely delighted. He was absolutely in awe when two of his favourite Zingzilla songs came on and she proceeded to dance. It took him a while to get up and dance because he was just so busy admiring her. From a toddlers point of view this must have been pretty amazing - a Zingzilla dancing in your living room. You can even choose what speed she goes by squeezing her hand. She can either dance energetically, really wiggling her hips or she can go on slow speed. Slow speed means that she gently rocks and sways.

This is a great way of getting your toddler dancing and burning off some of that boundless energy they all have!

For me, Play and Groove Panzee is more than just a dancing toy. I really was amazed by all the detail that had gone in to designing her to make her a multi-sensory toy. You have the visual delights of her brightly coloured and patterned clothes, her textured net skirt and fluffy hair and her cute smiley face. Not to mention the fact that Panzee encourages hand/eye co-ordination, imaginative play and sound recognition.

My son really can't get over the fact he has a Zingzilla in his house. Today has consisted of him pointing back and forth from the Zingzillas on TV to Panzee, repeating the word "Panzee".

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that any Zingzillas fan will absolutely LOVE this toy!

A big thumbs up! We certainly had a 'Boogie Woogie Bubbly Time' with Panzee.

Retails at around £29.99

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