Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Review: No Such Thing by Ella Bailey

Ella Bailey's No Such Thing is quite simply a work of art.  It's the kind of book that I have to reread just to make sure I have taken in every single detail of the artwork, noticing something new each time I read.  Whilst this book is best enjoyed during the month of October, simply due to the whole story revolving around Halloween, I am sure it will be a book we will return to whenever we fancy a dose of enchantment.

Every page can be marvelled at!
The autumnal palette of colours used throughout the book is breathtaking and really captures the joy of the season.  The pages are jam-packed full of detail and Ella's style of illustration really captivates the imagination with the use of colour, emotion and shape. 

I'm sure this book would work as a picture book alone (no words needed), however the text adds another dimension to the book as we are treated to the story told in rhyme.   I'm guessing that teachers would appreciate this book too as it works alongside the National Curriculum with the range of descriptive words it employs.

We loved the range of expressions Ella used.

Story-wise, the plot goes against what you would expect for a children's book as we usually try to instil in children that there are no such thing as ghosts, however the main character Georgia is adamant that the destruction that is going on around the house is due to everyone else (her brother, the neighbour etc.) but ghosts.  She reiterates this by making posters for herself that say there are no such thing as ghosts.  Whilst she looks elsewhere for people to blame, the readers job is to discover the hidden ghosts lurking behind handbags and curtains.  My son really enjoyed this part of the book, and liked the fact that all the ghosts were made to look so friendly.

Lots of reader engagement!

Lovely range of colours used throughout the book.

This charmingly illustrated picture book will be one that we return to again and again...

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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.