Saturday, 26 January 2013

My entry to Appliances Online Craft Kids competition

I've spent a lovely afternoon this afternoon entering The Mummy Blogger's competition with my little boy.  It was an afternoon that memories are made of; so thank you for giving us this interesting challenge.  The challenge title was 'Crafty Kids'; so we were allowed to come up with any craft we liked.  The lucky winner of the competition will win a £50 Amazon voucher, so we have our fingers crossed!

The competition is being sponsored by Appliances Online so this led me to daydream about all the lovely foods I could cook with the fantastic appliances Appliances Online stock.  This was when I decided we should make a food-related Mister Maker project that I had wanted to do with my little one for some time, which was 'Beans on Toast.' I must say though that if I was lucky enough to own one of those top-range ovens I would hope that  I could create something a little more adventurous than beans on toast; but this made for an excellent craft project nonetheless.

So here's “My entry to Appliances Online Craft Kids competition” :

Beans on Toast

To start you need:
1 paper plate
2 sponges ( we used the washing up kind as it was already shaped like toast and we didn't need to cut it)
Brown, black, orange, yellow and white poster paint
PVA glue
Orange tissue paper/crepe paper
Disposable knife and fork

Here's our sponges before they got turned in to toast!

My little one had a lot of fun mixing the paints to get the perfect shade of brown for toast.

Once the perfect shade of brown is achieved the sponges need to be painted brown. The edges need a slightly darker shade to form the crusts.

After painting it brown, we smeared on some white to look like butter.  Not that it made much difference to the end result.  But my son seemed to enjoy spreading on the 'butter.'

We then glued the 'toast' to the paper plate with some PVA glue.

We then got some orange tissue paper and tore it up and screwed it in to little balls.

We then stuck them on to the toast with PVA glue.  We had to mix the orange paint and PVA glue and pour liberally over the 'beans.'  We then glued on a disposable knife and fork.  We were very pleased with the results!

And who says the creativity with kitchen sponges has to stop there?  My son even churned out this masterpiece which reminded me of something from the TV show 'Ooglies.'

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!

If you would like to take part in this great challenge then visit The Mummy Blogger

Thanks for reading!