Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Summer holiday planner

Here is my summer planner - the aim is to have education and fun work hand in hand. As I have a small baby in tow at the moment, I’m not going to be able to get out as much as I would like so I don’t want to spend all summer holidays tearing my hair out wondering what to do with the children. Most of all I don’t want to hear those dreaded words - ‘I’m bored.’ I aim to accomplish my goal this summer of having occupied and happy children and therefore making the summer holidays a pleasure rather than something of a nightmare. With my blog I aim to help other stressed out parents and give them a plan to work with, making every day a new adventure for their children by planning ahead arranged activities. I have done a five-day week plan, so as to provide a bit of opportunity for spontaneity and flexibility.

WEEK 1 - THEME (Nature)
DAY 1:
· John Adams Nature Kit
· Make a scrapbook
· John Adams Eraser buddies
· Worm World
· Leaf painting
· Origami bugs
· Gardening – Suttons Fun to Grow ‘Grow a Rainbow’ and Suttons Fun To Grow ‘Treasure Island’

DAY 2:
· Trip to garden centre to choose a tree and plant it.
· Make paper-mache
· Card games
· Make a leaf collage

DAY 3:
Trip to Bryngarw park and have a teddy bear/toy picnic http://www.bridgend.gov.uk/web/groups/bryngarwhouse/documents/marketing/005674.hcsp
· Collect leaves and twigs
· Bike-riding
· Lie on a blanket and see what shapes can be made from the clouds and draw them.

DAY 4:
· Camping out (tent in garden with daddy overnight)
· Traffic Lights Celery (project) http://www.edibleplaygrounds.co.uk/sow-it-grow-it-eat-it-projects/sow-it-grow-it/traffic-lights-celery
· Paint a birdfeeder
· Make a den with blankets and table
· Paint your own garden gnome
· Kenfig Nature Reserve

DAY 5:
· Afan Forest nature trail http://www.forestry.gov.uk/website/ourwoods.nsf/LUWebDocsByKey/WalesNeathPortTalbotAfanForestParkAfanForestParkAfanForestParkVisitorCentrePenhyddMountainBikeTrail
· Plant Suttons ‘Fun to Grow Jack and the Beanstalk’

DAY 1:· Play Brainbox dinosaur memory game
· Make a mini volcano
· Dinosaur woodcraft kits
· Quest-seekers challenge (Library)

DAY 2:
· Dinosaur park at Dan-yr-Ogaf http://www.showcaves.co.uk/

DAY 3:
Make stalactites
Dangerous dinosaurs
Dinosaur egg hunt

DAY 4:
· Dunraven beach and picnic
· http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/southeast/sites/celts/pages/dunraven.shtml
· Search for fossils at beach

DAY 5:
· Make dinosaur puppets
· 3D dinosaur puzzles
· Dinosaur movie night with popcorn

The next two weeks themeswill be sport and water.

This blog will soon be updated with photos of activities and reviews of the products we have used. Have fun ...................