Friday, 1 January 2010

Silver Cross Halo Pushchair

If you have ever read the Sophie Kinsella novels in particular 'Shopaholic and Baby' then you will know my level of expertise in all baby items. Road-testing a pushchair is a must as you just can't get a feel for how smoothly they will move if you don't. This is my third pushchair since I began my life as a mum and I now know what it feels like to have a pushchair that simply 'glides' as opposed to having to give it a good old push.

So here's my review of the Silver Cross Halo Pushchair.

As I type this my husband is currently wheeling my son around and admiring the excellent suspension. It was very easy to put up as the instructions were so clear. As with all Silver Cross products the instructions come in two sets; one a written version and one a version with pictures. This makes it easy if you don't quite understand a step, you can look at the other version.

Immediately it was put together it had that 'wow' factor. In our household the pushchair constantly remains up as when the baby needs a nap in the daytime this is the way we get him to sleep. When a pushchair looks this good it is a joy to leave it up. It comes in an array of trendy colour ways; it's available in Fusion (black), Green Tea (green) and Ice (blue).

I love the various prints on each colour. The black has hot air balloons.

Green has birds flying in to the sky.
Blue has umbrellas.

The Silver Cross logo features on the side of the hood and the back of the pushchair, so I felt quite proud to be pushing such a lovely pushchair from such a renowned high-quality manufacturer.

The pushchair is named 'Halo' because of the unique elliptical frame, which almost appears like a halo around the pushchair. I feel the name 'Halo' is quite apt as I feel my son is surrounded by a safety halo when being pushed in this pushchair.

My main problem with pushchairs is that they are usually quite finicky to close down when you want to put them quickly away in to the car. The Halo collapses by pressing the two trigger buttons on the side of the frame and I didn't experience any problems with this. I was really impressed with how small the pushchair could fold to, which is a big bonus when you have a car boot filled full of kid's paraphernalia.

As a petite person who is not overly strong, in the past I have found myself struggling to manoeuvre the pushchair up kerbs and over bumpy roads. The Halo could be compared to swapping from a car with gears to an automatic, as the pushchair just seems to do all the work for you. It is amazing!!

The pushchair is suitable from birth to toddler and it converts in to a travel system where you can attach the car seat (available separately). The pushchair reclines so that the baby can lay down flat which is perfect if you have a baby that loves to sleep in a pushchair.

The only downside I can see is that it doesn't have a storage basket underneath but a system of stretchy elastic which won't really hold a lot. I haven't found this a huge problem as I don't do huge shops when I have baby in tow. However, after searching online about this problem I found that there is a bag that you can buy separately for it. Problem solved!

My son seems so cosy and comfortable in this pushchair and the suspension means that he doesn't have a bumpy ride. And the foot muff and seat liner made my son incredibly snug and warm despite this cold patch of weather we have been having of late. The rain cover that comes with the pushchair is the easiest rain cover I have had and will be great if we get caught out in a shower as you simply drape it on and there are holes for the handles to poke through. No zipping. It could probably be put on within a few seconds which is a huge bonus.

The fabrics and paints used in the pushchair make it feel a very high quality item.

It costs £275 and in my opinion is worth every penny as
(a) my baby is safe
(b) my baby is comfy
(c) it is great quality
(d) it looks fantastic!

Rating 9/10

A fantastic pushchair!

For more info visit Silver Cross

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  1. Silver Cross Halo Pushchair - design fault , danger, recall, faulty, dangerous!!

    EXTREMELY DANGEROUS - My son almost lost a finger and suffered excruciating pain. I do not want this to happen to another child.
    Not an obvious fault but i will try to explain. If the child is sitting in pushchair and places his/her hand on the side frame, at the joint/fold/hinged area the is an extruding plastic component that has no visual gap. If the buggy is tilted, twisted or leaned on, a gap of 3 to 6mm appears. When the pressure or force is released on the buggy, the gap closes and WILL trap the childs' finger. BE AWARE THAT THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. This has happened to other children.

    Photos available or you can call me for advice: Colin - 07710 804 500.
    There was a recall for batch numbers: 150209, 150409, 150509 but this recall does not publicly state the danger or design fault. It is simply called a 'minor hazard'.