Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hallmark Valentine's Card

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I just wanted to show my readers this really clever Valentines Card by Hallmark. It's a limited edition video Valentine's Day card which plays some of Disney's most famous screen kisses. With only 1,500 cards ever to be produced, and selling at a premium £20, Hallmark Cards is expecting the one-of-a-kind cards to fly off the shelves as soon as they go on sale in Clinton's stores across the UK this February, with demand predicted to far exceed supply.

It's such a unique way of showing your loved ones exactly how much they mean to you. I haven't seen anything as good as this on the market before. It's actually like watching a mini TV. As the music plays all your hairs stand on end as it's just so emotive. The sound is great and all the happy moments on screen make you feel really loved-up.

This is a little bit more expensive than your average Valentines card as it is priced at £20. But this is going to be something that even the children will love watching and will be a card that will be kept forever. This card is certainly going to be of interest to Disney collectors also.

Available from Clinton's stores.

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