Friday, 15 January 2010

Lakeland 'Henrietta' Kitchen Collection

My kitchen is my pride and joy and I love discovering new items that make my kitchen that little bit more welcoming. That's why I was overjoyed when I discovered the wonderful 'Henrietta Kitchen Collection' from Lakeland.

I love a clutter-free kitchen and so any items that do grace my kitchen surfaces have to be sleek, eye-catching and practical. Lakeland's Henrietta Collection fits all these categories. Because of the neutral colours used within the design, they are very easy on the eye. Whilst my kitchen tends to be ultra-modern, the hen featured on the design gives my kitchen a cosy touch. I wouldn't normally have anything with a hen on in my kitchen, but the checks keep the design looking fresh and modern and in touch with my modern taste.

The Henrietta storage jar featured above retails at £8.99 and is about the right size to fill with sugar or tea bags. This now replaces the Typhoo tins which looked out of sync in my kitchen. The storage jar has a lovely weight to it which you get with quality items. The lid on the storage jar really snuggles in to the jar as opposed to being just placed on top, which seems to make the jar that much more air-tight.
The Henrietta Teapot is a gorgeous item. The curvaceous body of the teapot makes it a pleasure to pour tea from. Since we had moved in to our house we have always made tea in the cup and had forgotten the pleasure of being able to let the tea brew in a gorgeous teapot. It looks much nicer when you have guests around, not to mention the great improvement of taste. This is a 1.3 litre teapot, so it should comfortably serve about 4 cups of tea. It's also dishwasher-safe.
Next up is the Henrietta Apron. This apron is great; I usually have a problem with aprons being small-framed and petite. But this apron has an adjustable neck strap, so it can fit the biggest to the smallest of people. It's a nice thick material so it prevents any spills seeping through the apron. I can wear this apron without looking mumsy.

The Henrietta Double Oven Glove makes burnt hands a thing of the past. This quite simply is the best oven glove I have EVER owned. Owning these gloves means that I no longer have to take a leap of faith every time I pull something from the oven, I can be confident in the knowledge that I am 100% protected. They are so thick you can pick up virtually the hottest thing and still not feel anything. If you want to show off the oven gloves if you have a co-ordinating kitchen they come with a handy loop to hang them.

Lastly, my must-have item from the Henrietta Collection is this pack of 3 Tea Towels. Within the pack you get one of each design. They are larger than the average tea towel I own with each tea towel measuring 50 x 69cm. This means it's easier to dry the dishes as the towels take longer to become soaked through. Great for hanging on a drawer handle as it makes the kitchen look functional and allows all the co-ordinating items to blend together.

Every Lakeland item I own is a quality item and these items are no different. If you think the Henrietta Collection appeals to you then Lakeland are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer. If you buy any three items from the Henrietta range, you get the cheapest item for free. So go on, treat your kitchen!

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