Saturday, 21 September 2013

Debenhams Dream Bedroom competition

Task: Debenhams are running a fantastic competition at the moment where you have to blog about your dream bedroom.  Although, with Debenhams' stunning homeware the only problem was I was spoilt for choice.  

How I chose: When considering what bedroom items to buy I always think of one thing; cosiness!  Yes, I love my bedroom to feel warm and cosy.  I want it to feel full of life and yet not in the least bit cluttered.  That's why I love the combo of the colour red and the mirrored glass; the two intertwine to create warmth and a feeling of space.  And so with that in mind I went about choosing my products for my dream room.......

My choices from L-R
  •  Debenhams wooden two-tone photo frame £15
  • John Rocha red tapered stand lamp £65
  • Jeff Banks Home Sierra red lined eyelet curtains £95.99
  • Litecraft Madonna 5-Light Red and Black crystal chandelier £239.20
  • Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen red manor house wallpaper £12.50 a roll ( I would require 3 rolls)
  • Debenhams red 'Carousel' swivel chair £384
  • Colony Honeysuckle reed and oil diffuser £11
  • Debenhams red 'Mahdia' bed linen £80
  • Queens fine china red 'Penzance Crush' mug £6.00

Reasons for my choices: I'm really pleased with my choices.  I feel as if I have successfully combined luxury and glamour with comfort.  The wallpaper, chandelier, mirrored wardrobes and faux fur throws contribute to the luxury feel.  Whilst the plain red of the duvet cover, curtains and lamp make the bedroom look easy on the eye and not too busy.

The oak items and brown rugs and throws add in a earthy feel to the room which makes it feel very relaxing. 

  • Star by Julien Macdonald silver hinged dressing table mirror £40
  • Debenhams chocolate faux fur throw £30
  • Debenhams oak mitre dressing table and stool set - on sale at £504
  • Debenhams brown whisper rug £100

  • Oak mitre three drawer dresser- now on sale at £328
  • Debenhams mirrored Solar 4 door wardrobe - on sale at £720
Final touches: Of course I couldn't be without my final touches either; which are the reed diffuser, photo frames, dressing table and special mug for drinking tea in my lovely bedroom.

Overall spend: £2,649.69

Can dreams come true? I can already picture myself in this room, enjoying cuddles with the children and watching films in bed with my husband.  Debenhams thank you for the enjoyable task of asking bloggers to create their dream room.....

If you would like to enter the competition visit for more details.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Review: Mad Hatter Costume from

We were recently invited to review any costume up to the value of £15 from the Jokers Masquerade website.  At first I thought this might be a difficult task, as I usually expect to pay around £20 upwards for a decent costume.  But I was pleasantly surprised at the variety available for a lower price.

After much deliberation I chose a Mad Hatter costume, being a big fan of Alice in Wonderland I saw lots of potential for this costume.  The first one springing to mind is the World Book Days at schools, where children have to wear a costume relating to a character from a book.  But secondly I imagined this costume being great for photo opportunities as the colours in the costume are so vibrant.  I intend getting a big colourful tea set as a prop for this costume, oh and maybe a large set of cards.  The possibilities really are endless......

The costume consists of a jacket with attached waistcoat, shirt and tie and a top hat.  I like the fact that by not including trousers (as any pair of trousers or shorts you own will work with this) they have been able to keep the price of the costume down.

When I buy a costume there are three things I want to know about; that is qualityprice and fit!

The quality of this costume was fantastic, I've included a few photos of the stitching which is all well presented and the materials were all really comfortable against my son's skin.  There were no issues with scratchy labels or the like.

At £11.99 this costume is excellent value for money.  The costume was aged at 5-7 and was a little too big for my son (aged 4) but it was just a case of rolling the sleeves back; which makes the costume very versatile for different ages.

If I could make any improvement to this costume it would maybe be to add an accompanying teapot or tea-set to reiterate the eccentricity of the character.

So when I realise that Halloween is fast approaching I know that will be my first choice for costumes.  Very pleased!

  • I received a free costume from in exchange for writing a review on the blog.  All reviews are my honest opinions.