Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lakeland Glass Kettle

I'm already a big fan of Lakeland products; see my Henrietta kitchen collection review. So I found it hard for my eyes not to stray from reading my emails to the advertisement at the side of the page for this gorgeous Lakeland kettle. I really should invent some new sort of glasses to stop my eyes straying, but on the upside I have found some gorgeous items. This Lakeland glass kettle being one of them.

Why do I love it?

As you can see from the picture above, the design element of this kettle in unique. The smooth design of the handle accompanied with the sleek glass and light-up blue switch makes for an eye-catching piece. It almost makes for a centrepiece in the kitchen when you flick the switch and the switch glows a luminous shade of blue and the water starts bubbling away. It comes with its own 360 degree base so that it is easy to use for left or right-handers. The handle has a lovely grip to it and the fact that the kettle is see-through makes it easier not to waste water as you can see exactly what level you are filling it to i.e. 2 or 3 cups.

If you are rushed off your feet and can't wait around for a kettle to boil then this kettle would be perfect for you as it features a rapid 3kw boil.

Here's a video I made so that you can see the kettle in a bit more detail.

Rating 5/5

Dorma bedlinen - Luxury You Can Really Love

I was recently invited by Dorma to take a look at a cushion from their 'Belvoir' range to give them some feedback and share these thoughts with all who care to read my blog. Well here goes......

The brand name 'Dorma' didn't cause me to scratch my head with puzzlement or go madly searching out their history on the World Wide Web. I was already well aware of the brand name as my mum owns a Dorma bed set that she received for her wedding nearly 30 years ago and do you know it's still going strong and looks good as new? I guess that's what you get when you buy quality products. Time passes by whilst quality lasts.

So I was more than keen to take a look at their current collection as I love anything to do with making my home my own little heaven. So the cushion in question is pictured below. On initial testing it was squishy but firm enough to provide support for a weary head. After a few weeks of using this cushion, I can confirm that the cushion retains its shape perfectly and looks great to add an element of interest on a bed, besides providing comfort. My bedding is always red but this cushion looked great as a contradiction to the red and certainly achieved Dorma's aim of adding a lavish and opulent touch!

Would I buy the whole range? I believe so. Because of the fact that the colour is cream, I think you could use the bedding in most room styles. Although, it would look particularly good if you have a period style theme in your bedroom. The sumptuous detailing on the pillow is great at drawing your eye to the exquisite embroidering and the pearlescent damask jacquard and soft scalloped trim is eternally timeless.

'Opulent' is the word to describe all of Dorma's products and so it's no surprise that they hold two prestigious royal warrants and supply Her Majesty the Queen. Besides the detailing on the pillow it feels sensational against the skin as it has a 300 thread count of pure cotton which exceeds most mass market bed linen. Yes, Dorma is slightly pricey, but I find myself saying this more and more these days, but it is really worth paying more for something that is going to last longer. You can see the amount of work that goes in to each cushion by taking a look at the photograph of the embroidery below.

Upon browsing through the pages of the current Dorma catalogue it appears that there is something for every one's design tastes. A few that literally enthral me and I can find myself daydreaming of leaping in to a freshly made bed with these lavish coverings on, which would feel akin to being a princess.

My personal favourite being the 'Genoa' range. Described as being ' a sumptuously embroidered design in daring black or red' it sounds highly appealing to me. Acanthus isthe plant featured on the design, it's a statuesque architectural plant which brings a strong hint of classical elegance to any bedroom. Which sounds highly apt to use in Dorma's designs.

Throughout Dorma's catalogue we are reminded that 'no matter how eclectic or dramatic' only the finest of materials are used.

Moving on the website It's a great website which goes by the same principles it uses in providing great quality home wares; simple, clear, fresh and easy on the eye. There is nothing cluttered about the website, it's easy to find any particular information you are trying to find and in the blink of an eye you can see all the products that are available. Besides bed linen, there are bath towels, blankets, throws, cushions and curtains galore. I love all the red items featured on the website and I also have my eye on the delicious room fragrances. Well done Dorma, I think you have covered every angle and I have absolutely nothing to complain about with your website. Actually, I do have a complaint; now I want to go on a spending spree!

The front page of the catalogue says it all; the company have been established since 1921, have two royal warrants and supply the Queen. Need I say more? I think it's safe to say that this company will most definitely be around for many years to come providing luscious bedding to anyone who is lucky enough to be able to afford it.

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Silver Cross Contemporary Day Bag by Bill Amberg Studio

There are some brands which just exude quality; Silver Cross is one of them. Silver Cross is synonymous with style, good design, comfort and the all-round knowledge that your baby has the best. Design and detail is really Silver Cross's forte, the idea behind their thinking being that you always start by thinking small. Small like wheels and handles, hinges and bolts. They say that by concentrating on the small things, the medium things work out right and before you know it the whole thing is perfect. So it's perfectly clear that every little detail is well thought out on a Silver Cross product. I think this bag is a perfect example of that mantra. Every little detail is well thought out and exquisitely beautiful.

The first important detail I must mention about this bag is that Silver Cross has brought in a designer named Bill Amberg. Bill Amberg is an iconic British leather craftsman and designer. When you take a look at the bag it is clear to see why Amberg has become so renowned for his workmanship. Tasteful design accompanied with quality materials put this one step ahead of other changing bags on the market.

Take a look at the outer packaging and you will realise that a treasure is contained within. You have a very classy box; simple white and gold. There's not much written on the box, but with the few words that are displayed on the box you know that the bag is not going to disappoint.

Open up the ribbon tied box and you will find the protective duster bag for the changing bag; indicative that this bag is most definitely worth protecting.
Inside you will find the 'Contemporary Day Bag' that will instantly motivate you to go out on your travels so that you can be seen with this beautiful bag. The neutral colours never go out of fashion and actually according to the fashion magazines that I read, 'neutral' is the colour to be seen in for Spring 2010. The 100% cotton and vegetable tanned leather work well together and results in a delicate blend of being able to achieve excellent parenting by being able to access the changing mat and organise yourself with ease and excellent fashion.

Aside from looking good there are plenty of features to please the fussiest of parents. You have large internal and external pockets for keeping those important items in order. The bag also comes with a comfy changing mat for keeping baby happy.

It's a great size for fitting all your bits and bobs and you also have a padded base for protecting any items you carry within the bag.

At £135.00 it's not the cheapest changing bag around but the leather is very durable so will last you a long time. The bag also has more shelf-life than your average changing bag as no one would know that it is a changing bag, so you could use this for much longer. You will be guaranteed to be the yummiest mummy around carrying this.

For more info visit Silver Cross

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Toffee Pocket Pal Hot Water Bottle

Take one look at this warm and cosy hot water bottle and you will be instantly envisaging cosy nights tucked up in bed. This beautiful hot water bottle has dual-purpose as not only does it keep you warm but also looks fantastic placed anywhere around the house. I have given pride of place to my hot water bottle; it sits on my sofa so that I can warm up after the school run. Pictured above is the 'Toffee Pocket Pal' hot water bottle. It's aimed at kids but adults would adore this hot water bottle just as much. To add to the luxuriousness of the faux fur, you also have a little pocket at the front and deep within the pocket nestles a sweet little flame-haired kangaroo.

You will find that besides loving the comfort and warmth that the bottle provides, children will also find themselves attached to the cuddly character. I mean when it looks like this, who wouldn't fall in love with this little creature?

The designers have managed to encompass all the qualities needed to make this the most adored hot water bottle ever. When you or your children are enjoying the bliss of warming up with this cosy hot water bottle, you can ease your conscience knowing that this furry friend is made by Wild Republic. Wild Republic is a company that gives a percentage of their proceeds to disadvantaged children around the world who need education, housing and other support that they are not lucky enough to have. The hot water bottles are made with ethical materials so are completely environmentally-friendly.

In these economically strained times where gas and electric is so expensive, why not make small switches such as these? This is a perfect alternative to having your heating on overnight. If I put the heating on overnight I always wake up with an extremely dry throat. If you just use the hot water bottle then the problem is solved.

These hot water bottles are a safe and easy way to warm up the bed. Simply unzip the faux fur cover, fill the inner bottle with warm water and once you've resealed it place it under the covers to generate the heat in preparation for bedtime. With a hot water bottle to keep children warm and a pocket pal to share the bedtime story, bedtime really couldn't get any more enjoyable.

Keeping this hot water bottle clean is no problem either as it both washing machine and tumble-dryer safe. Priced at £27.58 this is at the pricier range for a hot water bottle, but you can't really put a value on eternal comfort and luxury. This would make a lovely gift for someone too if you can bear to give these gorgeous creatures away.

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ju Ju Be Changing Bag

I've heard of people having a thing for bags or shoes before; but never changing bags! That was until I laid my eyes on the Ju-Ju-Be range. Never before had I seen a changing bag so beautiful. When I was asked to review this bag, I jumped at the chance. The first thing that attracted me was the print on the bags; super attractive and really could pass for an everyday bag. The prints on the bags were modern though, and the colours which were on show together were combinations I had never seen used together before. I didn't really pay much attention to all the other benefits of the bag, so I was VERY pleasantly surprised when the bag arrived. The names of the bags 'Perky,' Eclipse,' 'Zannias' and 'Lullaby' should tell you that they are different to any other kind of changing bag you have had before.

Usually I am a bit of a neat freak and can't stand anything lying round my house that shouldn't be there, however this bag is so gorgeous I have it strategically placed on the floor in my living room. It cheers me up with the sense of luxury that oozes out of every seam. It's not just a sense of luxury but peace of mind also; the bag has an AgION Antimicrobial lining which kills germs, mould, mildew, fungus, bacteria and other baddies. And if you happen to spill something inside the bag, there's no worries as the bag is machine washable!

The amount of detail that has gone in to this bag is amazing; it is no wonder that the bag won the Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Changing Bag for 2009. Look at the detailing in the zigzag seaming and the gorgeous little star. For me it was like opening a magic bag because there were no noisy poppers or Velcro; the bag closes with a magnet so its super quiet if baby is sleeping. It doesn't just look and sound great though; it feels great too. The lining is made out of satin, so don't be surprised if you end up out in public stroking your bag. No there's no cure - hopefully there will be a Ju-Ju-Be- oholics Anonymous club for us all to join soon, ha, ha!
I had to include these photos of the zips and clasps to show you how beautiful the diamantes look; you will find these on a number of features on the bag. They glisten in the light and make the bag look amazing!

Usually if you go with design you have to suffer the consequences in the functionality department. That is most certainly NOT the case with this bag. It is functional and beautiful. I couldn't believe that I could even personalise the bag with my own photos, the pockets are just waiting for me to slip my own photos in. Could I get any more impressed about this bag? I didn't think so, until I saw all the other features.

You have light coloured linings so that you can actually see inside the bag. It's not just a big black hole! And you have pockets galore. In fact the front of the bag is dedicated just for Mummy's items. It includes a sunglasses pouch and stretchy key chain. How fabulous is that?? There's no need to fuss about looking through all the pockets either, as the pockets inside are made of smart mesh so that you can see straight inside. The pockets on the side are Thinsulate insulated which means that you can keep bottles hot or cold. There's also a clip-out wet/dry bag within the bag.
Even the changing mat isn't just any old changing mat; it's a memory foam changing mat! Beat that! And if making the bag any more pleasurable can be possible, well Ju-Ju-Be have succeeded in doing that as they have made the shoulder strap out of cushy memory foam as well! Awesome!
I can't say much more but the fact that this bag has now turned me in to a Ju-Ju-Be fanatic should speak for itself! I can't wait to get my hands on the next bag. One word - INCREDIBLE!!

For more information visit JellyBean

VTech Kiddizoom Pro Digital Camera

The name 'VTech' has filled me with excitement since I was a child; and now the excitement is back with a vengeance when I see all the lovely toys and gadgets out there for my children. The latest wonder is the Vtech Kiddizoom Pro Digital Camera which offers endless joy for kids and parents alike. Far more than just your average camera for kids, this camera offers oodles of other benefits. It's a 5-in-1 multimedia digital camera designed for 5 years and up.

There are obvious advantages of letting your child have their own camera. Photography is a great creative pursuit for your child and can open up a whole new hobby for them. It's great to see photographs from a child's point of view and you can also start your child scrapbooking with the photos.

Why do we love the Kiddizoom Pro?

When I was a child I loved taking photos but quite often when the film came back you had lots of blurry shots. Kiddizoom solves this problem instantly as you can see the photograph that has just been taken on the display unit on the back of the camera. My son was instantly gratified as soon as he saw his successful pics.

The camera is easy to use as you can see from the photo below. All it takes is a twist of the knob and you can instantly choose to take photographs or film videos. There's also an mp3 player and a selection of games on the camera. I don't think you can ask much more. My son found the photo editing facility hilarious too. Placing huge lips and glasses on people is great if you are needing some therapeutic laughter in your household.

Kids can either use the digital display to take the photos with or use the double viewer which is a great way to allow kids to find the best photography techniques for them. Because the camera features an automatic flash this is a great way to ensure that kids learn about the distance needed to put between items if they don't want a bleached out subject.
The lens is 2.0 megapixel which is pretty much what you can expect for a child's camera. The camera has been used to capture lots of great shots already. It's great for school projects too as children are able to take great photos for topics being studied at school.

And yes there's more...... As if being a video camera and camera wasn't good enough, there are even games to boot. If you attach the lead (sorry not to be more technical) you can play the games and view photos and videos on TV which is proving to be a huge novelty in my household. The camera also comes with headphones for your child to use the in-built mp3 player.
There is most definitely a lot of play and creative value in this camera. It certainly gets the big thumbs up from the Sweet Craftiness family.

For more info visit Vtech