Saturday, 13 February 2010

Toffee Pocket Pal Hot Water Bottle

Take one look at this warm and cosy hot water bottle and you will be instantly envisaging cosy nights tucked up in bed. This beautiful hot water bottle has dual-purpose as not only does it keep you warm but also looks fantastic placed anywhere around the house. I have given pride of place to my hot water bottle; it sits on my sofa so that I can warm up after the school run. Pictured above is the 'Toffee Pocket Pal' hot water bottle. It's aimed at kids but adults would adore this hot water bottle just as much. To add to the luxuriousness of the faux fur, you also have a little pocket at the front and deep within the pocket nestles a sweet little flame-haired kangaroo.

You will find that besides loving the comfort and warmth that the bottle provides, children will also find themselves attached to the cuddly character. I mean when it looks like this, who wouldn't fall in love with this little creature?

The designers have managed to encompass all the qualities needed to make this the most adored hot water bottle ever. When you or your children are enjoying the bliss of warming up with this cosy hot water bottle, you can ease your conscience knowing that this furry friend is made by Wild Republic. Wild Republic is a company that gives a percentage of their proceeds to disadvantaged children around the world who need education, housing and other support that they are not lucky enough to have. The hot water bottles are made with ethical materials so are completely environmentally-friendly.

In these economically strained times where gas and electric is so expensive, why not make small switches such as these? This is a perfect alternative to having your heating on overnight. If I put the heating on overnight I always wake up with an extremely dry throat. If you just use the hot water bottle then the problem is solved.

These hot water bottles are a safe and easy way to warm up the bed. Simply unzip the faux fur cover, fill the inner bottle with warm water and once you've resealed it place it under the covers to generate the heat in preparation for bedtime. With a hot water bottle to keep children warm and a pocket pal to share the bedtime story, bedtime really couldn't get any more enjoyable.

Keeping this hot water bottle clean is no problem either as it both washing machine and tumble-dryer safe. Priced at £27.58 this is at the pricier range for a hot water bottle, but you can't really put a value on eternal comfort and luxury. This would make a lovely gift for someone too if you can bear to give these gorgeous creatures away.

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  1. That really does look so cuddly! Just what you need on a cold night.
    I have left you an award over at my blog

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