Sunday, 7 February 2010

VTech Kiddizoom Pro Digital Camera

The name 'VTech' has filled me with excitement since I was a child; and now the excitement is back with a vengeance when I see all the lovely toys and gadgets out there for my children. The latest wonder is the Vtech Kiddizoom Pro Digital Camera which offers endless joy for kids and parents alike. Far more than just your average camera for kids, this camera offers oodles of other benefits. It's a 5-in-1 multimedia digital camera designed for 5 years and up.

There are obvious advantages of letting your child have their own camera. Photography is a great creative pursuit for your child and can open up a whole new hobby for them. It's great to see photographs from a child's point of view and you can also start your child scrapbooking with the photos.

Why do we love the Kiddizoom Pro?

When I was a child I loved taking photos but quite often when the film came back you had lots of blurry shots. Kiddizoom solves this problem instantly as you can see the photograph that has just been taken on the display unit on the back of the camera. My son was instantly gratified as soon as he saw his successful pics.

The camera is easy to use as you can see from the photo below. All it takes is a twist of the knob and you can instantly choose to take photographs or film videos. There's also an mp3 player and a selection of games on the camera. I don't think you can ask much more. My son found the photo editing facility hilarious too. Placing huge lips and glasses on people is great if you are needing some therapeutic laughter in your household.

Kids can either use the digital display to take the photos with or use the double viewer which is a great way to allow kids to find the best photography techniques for them. Because the camera features an automatic flash this is a great way to ensure that kids learn about the distance needed to put between items if they don't want a bleached out subject.
The lens is 2.0 megapixel which is pretty much what you can expect for a child's camera. The camera has been used to capture lots of great shots already. It's great for school projects too as children are able to take great photos for topics being studied at school.

And yes there's more...... As if being a video camera and camera wasn't good enough, there are even games to boot. If you attach the lead (sorry not to be more technical) you can play the games and view photos and videos on TV which is proving to be a huge novelty in my household. The camera also comes with headphones for your child to use the in-built mp3 player.
There is most definitely a lot of play and creative value in this camera. It certainly gets the big thumbs up from the Sweet Craftiness family.

For more info visit Vtech

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