Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ju Ju Be Changing Bag

I've heard of people having a thing for bags or shoes before; but never changing bags! That was until I laid my eyes on the Ju-Ju-Be range. Never before had I seen a changing bag so beautiful. When I was asked to review this bag, I jumped at the chance. The first thing that attracted me was the print on the bags; super attractive and really could pass for an everyday bag. The prints on the bags were modern though, and the colours which were on show together were combinations I had never seen used together before. I didn't really pay much attention to all the other benefits of the bag, so I was VERY pleasantly surprised when the bag arrived. The names of the bags 'Perky,' Eclipse,' 'Zannias' and 'Lullaby' should tell you that they are different to any other kind of changing bag you have had before.

Usually I am a bit of a neat freak and can't stand anything lying round my house that shouldn't be there, however this bag is so gorgeous I have it strategically placed on the floor in my living room. It cheers me up with the sense of luxury that oozes out of every seam. It's not just a sense of luxury but peace of mind also; the bag has an AgION Antimicrobial lining which kills germs, mould, mildew, fungus, bacteria and other baddies. And if you happen to spill something inside the bag, there's no worries as the bag is machine washable!

The amount of detail that has gone in to this bag is amazing; it is no wonder that the bag won the Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Changing Bag for 2009. Look at the detailing in the zigzag seaming and the gorgeous little star. For me it was like opening a magic bag because there were no noisy poppers or Velcro; the bag closes with a magnet so its super quiet if baby is sleeping. It doesn't just look and sound great though; it feels great too. The lining is made out of satin, so don't be surprised if you end up out in public stroking your bag. No there's no cure - hopefully there will be a Ju-Ju-Be- oholics Anonymous club for us all to join soon, ha, ha!
I had to include these photos of the zips and clasps to show you how beautiful the diamantes look; you will find these on a number of features on the bag. They glisten in the light and make the bag look amazing!

Usually if you go with design you have to suffer the consequences in the functionality department. That is most certainly NOT the case with this bag. It is functional and beautiful. I couldn't believe that I could even personalise the bag with my own photos, the pockets are just waiting for me to slip my own photos in. Could I get any more impressed about this bag? I didn't think so, until I saw all the other features.

You have light coloured linings so that you can actually see inside the bag. It's not just a big black hole! And you have pockets galore. In fact the front of the bag is dedicated just for Mummy's items. It includes a sunglasses pouch and stretchy key chain. How fabulous is that?? There's no need to fuss about looking through all the pockets either, as the pockets inside are made of smart mesh so that you can see straight inside. The pockets on the side are Thinsulate insulated which means that you can keep bottles hot or cold. There's also a clip-out wet/dry bag within the bag.
Even the changing mat isn't just any old changing mat; it's a memory foam changing mat! Beat that! And if making the bag any more pleasurable can be possible, well Ju-Ju-Be have succeeded in doing that as they have made the shoulder strap out of cushy memory foam as well! Awesome!
I can't say much more but the fact that this bag has now turned me in to a Ju-Ju-Be fanatic should speak for itself! I can't wait to get my hands on the next bag. One word - INCREDIBLE!!

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