Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lakeland Christmas table ideas!

I am now officially in love with Lakeland! It has so many gorgeous offerings for Christmas! Everything I have ever bought from them as been quality! So in a bid to make my Christmas table look a bit more festive I scoured their website

That's when I found these gorgeous items and ordered them straight away! I've now received them and I am ever so pleased!

The Christmas Reindeer Mats and Coasters instantly gleamed as I pulled them out of their packaging. Because of the unique foil design, when you look at them from a certain angle they have an iridescent glow about them that makes them look very magical. It's a simple design which works well; reindeer, trees and snowflakes holds an element of mystique as there are no detailed faces to be seen but just a red shadow effect. It's very magical indeed and we think Father Christmas is going to love them. At least I don't have to worry about him tipping mulled wine or mince pie crumbs on them though as they are cork-backed making them anti-slip and are melamine coated so they are easy to wipe clean.

Next up - is another little treasure I found. The Christmas check overcloth. I actually made a mistake with this as I thought I was ordering the tablecloth as a whole. But they actually come in separate parts; an overcloth and tablecloth (hence the labels A and B - silly me). I ordered the overcloth, nonetheless it is a absolutely beautiful. After seeing the quality, I am going to be ordering the tablecloth to make it look 100% perfect as it does in the picture above.

The overcloth is so beautiful and transforms my dining room. I imagine this sort of tablecloth appearing in the book Heidi, as it has that sort of alpine feel about it. It is intricately embroidered with fir trees, hearts and reindeer.

So hopefully this has given you some inspiration. Keep an eye on the blog for ideas for Christmas table centerpieces.

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