Friday, 6 November 2009

Britax Duo Plus

Before you read my review, I urge you to watch this video on Youtube. Then you will realise the importance of getting the right car seat. You might think that all car seats do the same job. They aim to do the same job, but the level of protection varies from car seat to car seat. Please watch the video and then read on..........

The first step in choosing a car seat is doing your research!
I based my decision on the awards the car seat had received, the safety features and because I trust Britax safety standards.
There are so many different brands of car seat on the market, which do you choose??

One factor in determining your buy could be the fact that a car seat has several bodies recommendations.

Secondly, the most important thing when buying a car-seat is the fit. I used 'Fit-Finder.' The Fit-Finder is a great tool which allows you to input the age and size of your child and type of car you own to find the best suited car seat for your child. After inputting my details, the 'Fit-Finder' provided an explanation of why the Britax Duo Plus was the best choice.

Convinced by the detailed explanation, I awaited on the arrival of my new car seat. Here is my review:

Immediately the car seat came out of the box, you could tell the design and build of the seat was very sturdy. It was like being able to let out a great big sigh of relief , because of the level of safety it provided. The car seat retails at around £199 but it is worth remembering that the investment you make will be protecting your child's life. It is just not worth trying to cut down on something that is going to be doing such an important job.

The materials used in the car seat felt very luscious to the touch, and felt tough and worthy of withstanding any little accidents a child might encounter in the car - leaky nappies or vomiting etc. The material seemed very easy to be able to wipe over.

There are so many safety features on the seat that you feel very confident when using the seat for your child. The seat has performance chest pads which reduce any impact on the child's chest. And if your child gets sleepy there are three different headrest positions.

The main advantage of this seat however is that the car seat secures by Isofix. It simply clicks in to place and you have to feel the strength a car seat fitted by Isofix provides, to know the difference. It also prevents little fingers trying to unbuckle the seat.
  • Side Impact Protection with deep, softly padded side wings
  • Indicators confirm that the ISOFIX catch arm hooks are engaged
  • Ratchet system ensures a firm installation
  • Performance chest pads
  • 3 recline positions
  • Softly padded and washable cover
  • Option to install with ISOFIX plus top tether and 3-point seat belt
  • Height adjustable headrest and harness easy single handed adjustment from the front
Aside from all the safety features which will reassure any parents, the seat looks great, really stylish and neat.

Aside from safety factors, it is ultra comfy. I think the above photo speaks for itself .................

I would highly recommend this car-seat to other parents.

Star rating 5/5

For more info visit Britax

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  1. These straps are different from what you typically see. It seems to me that they wouldn't be as safe? I understand the not having little fingers undoing the straps but could they put their hands through them so that the straps are behind them or the straps fall down?

    I got to this link from the comment you wrote on the britax wall.