Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Anti-Monster spray

This spray was warmly welcomed on Halloween! This spray is aimed at putting children's minds at rest, to make then warm in the knowledge that all monsters will be warded away. However, children be warned - adults using this spray have an ulterior motive! It is a well known fact that the essential oil Lavender has a relaxing effect and can aid restful sleep. So this spray has double purpose; not only does it comfort children in to making them believe that it will rid the room of any lurking monsters but it makes then drift off in to a blissful sleep! Zzzzz....

I love the story that comes with the spray! Here it is:
Zak Walker is a little boy living in London. Until recently he was terrified of monsters, ghosts and spiders! He has invented this super duper lavender spray, which eliminates "nasties" IMMEDIATELY!! Spray generously under your bed, behind your cupboard, on your pillow, or wherever they are hiding in your house.. to ensure that mummies, daddies and children enjoy a blissful, uninterrupted night's sleep!

Sleep tight!!


Jessica Walker actually invented this product after realising that verbal reassurance was not enough to prevent her son worrying about monsters and that a visual aid worked much more effectively.

Master Craftiness doesn't actually believe in monsters but it was a fun way to enhance Halloween bedtime.

The spray smells absolutely gorgeous and it is a pleasure spraying it around. Some parents might even pretend that they have monsters in their room, just to use the spray!

Rating 5/5

Priced £6.99

Available from Brightminds

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