Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Remote Control Tarantula - Halloween Fun!

What a creep crawly Halloween we had! Any arachnophobes, please look away now.........

This could be deemed as some peoples worst nightmare of a toy. But for Master Craftiness, it was a delight. I don't how he managed to keep it quiet from Nanny Craftiness, as he loves sharing all his news with her. But each time she came around, he hid the spider in his wardrobe. Therefore creating the penultimate fright for Halloween - poor Nanny Craftiness!!

This 'Remote Control Tarantula' is available from Brightminds.

This 'Remote Control Tarantula' is fantastic and particularly good for scaring people. What we loved about the Tarantula was the way it moved each leg individually, the same horribly scary way that a real spider does! It brings up the hair on the back of my neck just thinking about it! Another realism factor is the way that the spider is furry and yet rough. You could really traumatise a hater of spiders with this toy.

Admittedly, he is quite noisy as he walks along; so if you want the ultimate scare then you would need to follow the same steps that Master Craftiness used:

Step 1: Place spider by victims feet.
Step 2: If possible, partially cover spider with a blanket. Just leave a few legs poking out.
Step 3: Innocently ask what is beneath the blanket.
Step 4: As victim goes to find out, set the remote in action. Make the spider crawl quickly across the room.
Step 5: Victim will then jump out of their skin, causing everyone to fall about with laughter.

This procedure happened several times on Halloween with various friends and family. More often than not it worked a treat and we were all rolling about with laughter afterwards. It certainly impressed Master Craftiness's friends.

It's such a fantastic toy as it can move left, right, backwards or forwards. If you are really clever, you can find a way to make it spin. With a range of up to 8 metres, there is a whole host of tricks you can pull with this spider. The remote control is very sensitive and you don't have to spend ages trying to click down on individual buttons.

It also allows children to observe the anatomy of a Tarantula spider and the way it moves.

It's one of the best remote control toys we have seen in a while and is set to replace the box of jokes Master Craftiness has.

Rating 4/5

Available from Brightminds

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