Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween -

Last night we held our first ever Halloween party. I was going to write a report on the whole Halloween Party in general, but I was so impressed with the quality of the supplies from Party Pieces that I felt it would be beneficial to others to share my delight.

Party Pieces is a family run business, which was established in 1987. The founder named Carole Middleton founded Party Pieces in the hope of inspiring other mothers to create magical parties (and there you go Carole, you have certainly achieved your goal). They stock hundreds and thousands of party paraphernalia items, so that you will never be disappointed, no matter what theme you decide to run.

So in the hope of adding some magic to my children's life, I set about ordering some items to make the house extra spooky. Delivery was impeccable and lightening fast.

Here were the items needed to make the house look fantastic ( I hope this will prove to be a useful guide for party-planners for next year):

Halloween Party Tableware for 8 children

Gruesome Party Design including;

Cups, table cover, plates, lids, straws and napkins

Halloween Loot bags for 6-8 children

-8 Gruesome loot bags - 8864

-8 stretchy spiders – 5821

-18 plastic fangs – 5794

-8 individual chocolate spiders – 2263

-6 stretchy skeletons – 4638

-6 scary finger monsters - 3947

Halloween Decorations & Balloons

- Gruesome 3D Hanging decoration – code 9970

- Bat Strings – code 5667

- Black crepe streamer –code 6129

- Spider balloon – 3610

- Glitter Halloween cut outs – 5669

- 6 Witch and Cat Balloons – 5682

The quality of the items was fantastic. The items seemed very durable, and I was particularly impressed with the glittery wall cut-outs which despite looking really glittery, did not leave glitter over all and sundry.

Dressing up the house was made a breeze, as all of the decorations were easy to attach to walls and windows. The blend of colours for the 'Gruesome' theme provided a whizz of magical colour to the room. The products instantly transformed the house.

The loot bags with the scary toys from Party Pieces delighted the children. The children informed me that they were the best party bags that they had ever had.
The Party Pieces website is absolutely brilliant and will inspire everyone with the array of party ideas.
You can browse through the photographs to see how effective the decorations were.

And finally, the biggest and bounciest balloons possible to play with. I am off to browse Party Pieces Christmas selection..............

Rating 10/10

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