Monday, 2 April 2012

Piggy Bank Tale: Stir-fry Worms and Insects

My prompt was to provide a Piggy Bank Tale and my mind immediately arrived at the fact that I save so much money through meal-planning. Without meal-planning we have no structure to our day-to-day routine, so we end up splurging on take-aways which isn't good for our pocket or our waist-line.

I quite like meal planning; I try and find as many child-friendly cookbooks as I can and try and variate the meals so that I keep my children interested, which means less waste.

Some weeks I have less time and don't have time for meal planning, in which case I have my handy notebook to fall back on. The notebook where I store each week's meal plan, that way I can fall back on an earlier weeks plans to provide a variation.

Some of my favourite cookbooks include The Shrek Cookbook (what child could refuse a stir-fry named "Stir-fry worms and insects"?) and 'How to To Feed Your Family a Healthy Balanced Diet, with very little money and hardly any time' book. Make sure you have a good repertoire of child-friendly cookbooks to intrigue and entice your children so that they are more likely to eat the meal.

Once my meal plan is complete I head straight to to check out cheaper alternatives and the cheapest store to buy my products from. Saving can be made fun with this method!