Friday, 18 September 2009

A super 'Super Mario' bedroom

It's-a-me Mario - if you know that catchphrase you can come in and read my blog. Welcome to Mario Mania! In my house I have the worlds biggest 'Super Mario Fan.' Corey begun his admiration of Mario at about three years of age. He adored Mario and so we tried to create a Mario bedroom for him. But this resulted in us having to embark on a quest to find any Mario related merchandise out there. It wasn't an easy task however and most of our Mario finds were very retro - dating back to the 1980's which we purchased from Ebay. After hours of searching off and on for a few months I finally managed to get hold of a Super Mario duvet and Super Mario curtains. The next find was a Super Mario alarm clock but after we got our walls painted a very boring magnolia we needed something to turn the room in to a 'Mario room'.

After hours of searching and googling 'Mario rooms' I finally found a company called Supernice who sold wall art stickers. Now, I will let you see the results for yourselves.......
There's the curtains!

There's the toys!

And now even Bailey has become taken over with Mario fever!

So now I am going to tell you about the latest addition to the Super Mario Collection - he is a 'Super Mario DS Holder' from

In fact we have found that the best Super Mario toys come from Recreation Plc. They are well made and high quality. A lot of the items are proclaimed to be collectors items and after seeing an old holey Mario duvet go up to £70 on Ebay - I believe them.

Corey obtained the DS holder for his birthday and he was over the moon with it. In fact, so over the moon he made a video about it....

The Super Mario DS holder is 12 inches tall and is made of high quality vinyl. The figure is an official Nintendo product and will definitely become a collectors piece. It's highly detailed and according to Corey it's 'very realistic and better than all of his other Mario toys.' The head moves and best of all it looks great sat in his room clutching the DS.

Here's Mario on the eve of Corey's birthday awaiting the start to his long life as a ds holder! He seems to be very happy with his job role by that smile on his face.

(Mario saying to Corey "Look just give the DS to me, that's what I'm here for." Corey smiles on obliviously)

Here's Mario on duty and guarding the precious treasure that is the DS, whilst Corey shows off the T-shirt.

And so we leave it there as we can see how happy Mario looks and he has even made a new little friend 'Super Mario Alarm Clock'- let's hope his new little friend doesn't wake him too early!

All that's left to say is that this Mario DS Holder is absolutely brilliant - it's become a focal point in Corey's room and all the kids love it!

......GAME OVER.....

Mario DS Holder available from:


  1. Wow. You did a great job, and your baby is so cute.


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