Saturday, 26 September 2009

Baby Bouquets

For the past few weeks I have been racking my brains on what to get a family member who is expecting her first baby in a few weeks time. I wanted something pampering and yet something practical. I wanted something beautiful (she's expecting a baby girl) and yet something different.

I found the perfect answer after roaming the net - it's a baby bouquet. In case you haven't heard of a baby bouquet it's a bouquet which is composed of baby clothing items and silk foliage. For a small bouquet you can expect it to be made up of 5 pairs of socks, 1 pair of scratch mittens and a reversible hat. There were a few companies selling 'baby bouquets' but I chose a company called I ordered it at around 1pm and awaited with baited breath to see whether it would live up to my expectations.

The very next morning it arrived and I was absolutely thrilled opening the box - It's just a shame I don't get to keep it.

The box was waiting to be opened here.

Lid opened and the excitement builds as a layer of luxurious pink crepe paper covers the box.

You get to another box with a clear lid, you are then treated to the visual delight of seeing the bouquet. Instantly you want to ooh and ah and it is much more breathtaking in reality than it even appears on the 'Baby Blooms' website.

What would your reaction be getting a box like this? I think I would be jumping up and down if someone gave me such a delightful surprise as this. A card is included so you can include your message of congratulations.

And at last here it is in all its glory interspersed with silk foliage, velvet leaves and silk roses and freesias. The pink crepe which surrounds the flowers really emphasises the carefully selected colours in the bouquet. It's a million times better than buying someone a bunch of flowers as little babies are so sensitive to pollen and adults too for that matter. This bouquet has a really funky and modern twist to it and would look great in a little girls bedroom. In fact you could just keep this bouquet as a keepsake, I don't know whether I could bring myself to unravel it all as it is just so beautiful. Now I just have to sit back and contain my excitement until the baby arrives. I don't know what I am more excited about the baby or giving the gorgeous bouquet!!

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