Sunday, 27 September 2009

Top 5 'new mum' gift ideas

1. Bliss 'triple oxygen instant energising eye mask'If you are suffering from sleepless nights - these are a little gift from heaven. These are little masks which you place under your eyes and once you have tried them you will realise how appropriate the brand name is. They work by releasing 3 forms of oxygenation. Place these in the refrigerator for even more de-puffing power. What new mum wouldn't want these? These little masks have originated from a New York beauty spa and now are in the UK to provide us tired mummies with a bit of brightening, de-puffing and hydrating. They really do work and you can enjoy all the benefits of going to a spa in the comfort of your warm and cosy home!

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2. bliss 'lemon + sage soapy sap' shower gel & bubbling bath

This is a serious treat - step in to a bath filled with 'soapy sap' and you will be transported in to a lemon grove on a warm summers day. It's so zesty and fresh it makes for the perfect pick me up. New mums will really appreciate this as a gift as it is so hard to try and be perky when you are sleep deprived, use this gel and it instantly refreshes all your senses. This is perfect for those mornings when you are awoken at silly o'clock.

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3. Soap and Glory 'Calm one, Calm All' body soak.

The packaging on this bubble bath was enough to tempt me - I absolutely adore it! It looks really retro and reminiscent of the 50's.

Children in bed, I set about running a nice warm bubble bath. It was heaven. Far from being just a bubble bath, when I stepped out I was as soft as could be. Why was this I hear you ask? It's due to the fact that it contains lemon balm, mallow extracts and moisture magnetising skin conditioners. The smell of the bubble bath was delicate and soothing and I stepped in to bed and promptly fell asleep. So it certainly calmed me.

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4. Yankee Candles

As you know, I am a huuuuuuuuuugggggggeeeeee fan of Yankee Candles. As I have said before, the sense of smell is the closest sense associated with memory. Give a new mum these ideal gifts.

The 'baby powder' candle is just glorious. It conjures up images of cute little babies in bath robes, freshly powdered up. Then sinking back to inhale the smell of their skin whilst you enjoy plenty of cuddles. A house filled with the smell of this candle would make the ultimate cosy baby environment. If you love the smell of a baby then this is the closest thing to encasing the smell in a jar. It is a really novel and yet beautiful smell.

An option to the candle is the reeds. Place the reeds in the fragrance oil and let the reeds soak up the scent. Then you have a constant aroma filling the air. Plus you have the bonus of them looking really attractive.

The other candle which I really recommend is 'Blueberry scone.' If you want to appear a domestic goddess then this is the candle for you. Burn this one before any friends or family arrive and make it appear as if you have been doing some baking. It is an intense blueberry smell and is enough to make your mouth water. I have this candle placed in my kitchen and immediately you walk in you have to take in a deep breath to inhale the gorgeous smell. If I received this as a present I would be over the moon. Besides the delicious smell they come in wonderfully decorative jars which look wonderful in any home.

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5. Morgan perfume set
Morgan de Toi fragrance pen gift set. Everybody loves to be spoilt with perfume. These stunning floral blend perfumes include Morgan De Toi Light My Heart, Love Love de Toi, Sweet Paradise and Morgan de Toi Femme. Containing notes of Blueberry blossom, pink pepper and blackcurrant buds. With top notes of pink pepper and blackcurrant buds, middle notes of hibiscus flowers and butterfly orchid and base note of musk, sandalwood and frangipani flowers. When out and about these are a really handy size to carry in a handbag and spritz.

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