Friday, 4 September 2009

Alex Toys e-i-e-i dough

Unfortunately due to the bad weather we have been unable to go visit the farm to see Old McDonald but we had the very next best thing with this fantastic kit from Alex Toys. E-i-e-i dough is appealing to children from the minute they view the box with the bright colours and playful looking characters adorning the cover. Often however, things look better on the cover than they actually do in real life. So did this kit live up to our expectations?

Upon opening the box, the visual array of colours is very tempting and immediately the scent of the dough hit our noses. It smells very much like 'Play-doh' and has the same high quality as play-doh has. Often in kits you will find that cheap substitute doughs tend to have nasty odours and stain the carpet. Not these however, Corey and myself must have spent at least a few minutes inhaling the wonderful smell. The fragrance of the dough brought back fond childhood memories of crafty days indoors spent with my own parents. So we established that the dough was a very high standard very quickly.

Next, we have two lovely sheets of bright and cheery push out character shapes. Legs, heads and bright coloured feathers emblazon the sheet and Corey sets about pushing the shapes out. This he does with ease - unlike cheap quality die cuts where the shape always ends up getting ripped, these popped out with ease.

Eager to get started Corey then rolls a red shaped ball and sticks in the dogs feet, head and tails. I was dubious whether the legs would be strong enough to support heavy dough, but the quality of the card really shines through as the dog is able to stand upright with no support and Corey could then enjoy playing with him like a little toy.

Corey's really pleased with his little dog, but being a typical boy he found it highly amusing to form poo out of the dough to make his dog 'naughty.' On the same note, that really is the beauty of this kit as apart from using the stick in characters, the brightly coloured dough can be used to make various other projects.

Cock-a-doodle doooo!



And so, as you can see there was lots of fun to be had down at the farm, we still have a few characters left to make so there's definitely hours of fun provided with this kit.

Once again Alex Toys comes highly recommended by us!!!!!!!

Overall rating 9/10

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