Saturday, 21 December 2013

We LOVE Weekend Box Club!

I am so excited about the Weekend Box Club that I am taking to my blog to let my readers know about this amazing idea.  I haven't been paid or even received a free box for this post, I am writing it because I am genuinely bursting with enthusiasm about how good the boxes are.  I should know as I have ordered around 6 in total, and with each box I have tried my hardest to look for flaws.  I looked for ways I could do the activities for a cheaper price, and the fact is I couldn't. I am more than happy with the £7.50 per box as we have such fun with each box.  And it's not just fun but educational too...

I'm full of good intentions, I have lots of children's craft books dotted around the house and an extensive craft box for them should we need coloured pompoms, googly eyes or even rainbow coloured pipe-cleaners.  But the fact is whenever I open a craft book there is often something else we are missing or simply by the time we have located all the items, they are bored with the idea of the craft.  That's what's so brilliant about the Weekend Box Club - apart from a few store-cupboard ingredients (which are mentioned to you through email when the box is dispatched so you can be prepared) everything is right there for you to instantly do with your child.

In each pack you get four activity cards; something to make, something to cook, something to read or write and something green.  Every activity is inspiring and thought provoking.

There's another aspect to this; as a parent it can be daunting trying new recipes with children but the way in which the cards are written makes each idea seem much more child-friendly and approachable.

So at the moment Christmas is just round the corner and it's just one of those occasions where everywhere you look there are beautiful pictures of children settled in front of a cosy fire making homemade Christmas cards and eating homemade mince pies.  This idealistic imagery is usually unachievable for me, but now with the bite-size chunks of crafts and creativity that Weekend Box Club provides I have had many days of topical fun that has made memories for us as a family.  They say a photo tells a thousand words, so here's the evidence....

I love the fact that activities are seasonally topical - making each and every month of the year magical!

This was my favourite photo as the Weekend Box even interested my 11 year to take part with the cooking activities.  

So a big thanks to Weekend Box Club for making magical memories for my children....

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