Sunday, 10 August 2014

Review: Judge Fro-Fru Maker

If you are looking for a quick and easy activity to do with the kids over the Summer, then look no further...  With this wonderful machine you can produce a delicious array of desserts in seconds.  I have included a demonstration below so that you can see how easy the machine is to operate.  This was our first attempt at using the machine and there were absolutely no hiccups at all.  

The machine works by pushing frozen fruit in to the chute and then pushing it down with the feeder stick.  This all gets grated up inside and comes out through the nozzle in the form of sorbet.  Clean-up is really easy too as everything disassembles quickly and apart from the main body of the machine, it can all be put in to the dishwasher which makes cleaning up a breeze.

We have tried various experiments with the Fro-Fru Maker.  Our first attempt was a berry sorbet, but we did find this a little tart and sour so we needed to sprinkle a little sugar.  Our second attempt was a huge hit and very simple; using frozen grapes we produced a delicious sorbet.  The natural sugars in the grapes made the sorbet sweet and refreshing and is something that we are keen to repeat using the machine.

Finally, we tried something a little more complex: 
Rainbow sorbet:
For this you will need the following:
Frozen coconut milk blended with honey (do this by freezing in an ice-cube tray).
Frozen strawberries
Frozen bananas and oranges - mixed in as one using the Fro-Fru Maker
Frozen kiwi 
Frozen blueberries

For the first layer I blend the frozen coconut milk and honey and place in a sundae dish or milk-bottle.
Then repeat as follows, until you have a number of visual layers.
 Blend the frozen strawberries.
Then the banana and oranges.
Then the frozen kiwi.
Then the blueberries.

This was absolutely delicious and I feel we are only at the very beginning of discovering the amazing results that the Fro-Fru can produce!  I look forward to creating more interesting creations in the months to come.  

I really love this machine because it gives my children a fantastic way to enjoy delicious healthy desserts which contributes to their five-a-day.

Disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge, but I included a video for you to see just how quick and easy this machine is to use and therefore how truthful my review is.