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Review: Nip + Fab Tummy Fix

I was asked to review this product and I must admit initially I wasn't very keen. My natural reaction to a so-called 'miracle' cream that claimed to help tone, smooth and tighten the tummy area was to think that this must contain some nasty ingredients and the thought of using such a cream frightened me somewhat. I trawled the Internet, read all the leaflets accompanying the product and at last my mind was laid totally to rest. The cream works as it contains a potent combination of fat-burning ingredients, including citrus aurantium amara – bitter orange extracts – and synephrine, both of which are known to act as a catalyst in the breakdown of body fat.

More trawling led me to several online posts such as the one below from Mumsnet. I also found more on sites such as Cosmopolitan and More boasting how well the cream and worked and so being very excited by my findings I avidly applied the cream day after day. It's now four weeks since I started using the cream and I am impressed.

OMG, my Nip + Fab Tummy Fix...

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... is working shock shock shock!!

I've only had it for just over a week and I can really really see a difference.

I had thought my tummy was a lost cause (really crepey and wrinkly, lots of over stretched skin) and it is starting to look like a normal chubby belly and not an old man's scrotum sack (as someone wrote on the tummy tuck thread grin). I don't think has taken away any chub but then I wouldn't expect it to and that would be a bloody miracle.

And I've tried it on my wobbly turkey neck and it seems to be helping there too.

Just off to order another couple of tubes in anticipation of an MN stampede.

So four weeks on and here are my findings:
  • A lovely consistency to the gel which doesn't make your stomach area feel sticky.
  • Smoother skin (the stretch marks which I have on my tummy are much less pronounced and I am convinced that with continued use of this product they will become even less noticeable.)
  • I'm not fat and only a size 8 so I can't comment on whether this really reduced my abdominal girth but I just noticed that it made my tummy look more toned and I could almost consider wearing a bikini again - something which I have not even considered since having my two boys.
  • It costs £18.95 and so therefore I am more than prepared to buy another tube of this because I am confident that this will improve my tummy area with further use.
Overall opinion: As close to a miracle cream as is realistically possible. Great results with one tube but my impression is that it takes more than one tube to get more noticeable results. Much cheaper than liposuction and has certainly made me feel more confident about my tummy area.

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