Saturday, 22 January 2011

Review: Love is... calendar from

I have just found the sweetest calendar ever and if it wasn't for my camera breaking down then you could have a look at my personalised copy, but for now you will have to feast your eyes on the standard images from the website.

The front cover has a picture of the central characters and underneath you have the names of you and your partner.

Inside you have the option of personalising the calendar with up to 30 special dates you need to remember throughout the year. This is a particularly handy feature for me as I have an awful memory.

I think this is a lovely gift to give to your partner as it shows the thought you have put in to the things you do as a couple.

I'll give you a few examples of the captions through the calendar:

  • JANUARY - Love is .... making a shared New Year Resolution, to spend more time together. (You have the option of personalising this with your personal New Year Resolution).
  • FEBRUARY - Love is ... making sure Justin gets the message.
  • MARCH - Love is ... what puts the spring in Sarah and Justin's step.
  • APRIL - Love is .. being Justin's Easter bunny
  • MAY - Love is ... arriving at *our address* with wine and roses.
  • JUNE - Love is ... a barbeque for two at *our address*
  • JULY - Love is ... giving Justin a sneak preview of Sarah's new bikini.
What I love about this calendar is that it's romantic without being over the top. It adds a humorous twist to all the things you enjoy as a couple.

The A4 size calendar leaves you with enough room on the page to add in notes about things you have to do on selected dates as essentially the character illustrations don't take up that much space. Each page is a different colour which allows you to refer to other calendar months with ease.

I know you don't usually give calendars as gifts on Valentine's Day but this one could most certainly be an exception.

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