Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tinti - Bath time fun

Halloween bath time was a breeze! Read on...

Above is Master Craftiness, he disappeared upstairs and smothered himself in green Tinti Bath Foam. He thoroughly enjoyed walking around the house like a zombie, unfortunately his baby brother was petrified of him, so he had to promptly have a bath. Master Craftiness usually has sensitive skin, but because of the fact that the Tinti products are composed of natural ingredients, there was absolutely no unwanted reactions. Tinti is made up of calendula and Panthenol, so is extremely soothing on the skin. As an added bonus, if you leave Tinti in your hair for a few minutes it makes a great detangler according to the website. As Master Craftiness has such short hair, this wasn't something we could try out. But I think it will provide a few laughs if I decide to use this to condition my hair. Tinti do a great range of products; bath foam, bath tints, painting soap, bath confetti and are available in a striking array of colours such as red, green, yellow and blue. Halloween was great at bath time as we put a red Tinti bath water colour tablet in the water and then sprayed lots of the green bath foam on top, to make it look really gruesome. I don't think I have ever seen Master Craftiness so eager to get in to the bath.

The fabulous thing is only natural colours are used, and the bath water colours are made from elderberries, spirulina and gardenia blossoms. Panthenol and sea minerals are also included to condition children's delicate skin. There are no preservatives or SLS. How often can you say such lovely things are included in bath products??

We plan on using some more products on Bonfire Night to make a 'Firework bath.'

To do this you need:
  • One packet of Tinti bath water colour tablets (In one pack you get you will get a red, blue and yellow)
  • One packet of Tinti painting soap

Step 1: Run the bath and add a bath tablet
Step 2: Child gets in to bath and adds other colour tablets to turn the bath water whichever colours they would like - colour combinations include purple, green and orange.
Step 3: Child uses Tinti painting soap to create Firework pictures; therefore creating a 'Firework bath.'

Master Craftiness can't wait for this! These products can be used to make bath-time exciting everyday, or maybe you would like to make special events more memorable with Tinti. For Christmas, you could use the red Tinti bath foam to become Santa Claus. There are so many possibilities. We love these products and we are sure you will too.

Tinti Bath-Time Fun Range Available at Izziwizzi Kids - Watch the best video clips here

For more information on Tinti go to the website Tinti

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