Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Halloween Sweets

We added a bit of sweetness to the whole Halloween process by munching our way through some deliciously spooky themed sweets from A Quarter Of

What better way to add some excitement to Halloween than with something tempting to their taste buds. This time of year is so bleak, it's nice to be able to have a little treat now and then.

A Quarter of is a fantastic online-based shop which sells all the old favourites, all the sweets which you had either forgotten about or have been craving for years on end. Organised so that you can pick your favourite sweeties with ease, whether you would prefer tangerine flavour or chewy toffee there is a section dedicated. It's even better than being let loose in the sweet shop, as you can virtually drool over the sweets for hours on end before making up your mind which sweets to buy.

The Halloween sweets we had were:

  • Fizz-Wizz popping candy - Let your tongue experience the snap, crackle and pop. We are saving some of our packets for Bonfire Night.
  • Terror Eyes (pictured below). Very frightening looking and yet so tasty. They look like gobstoppers but are actually yummy, minty bubble gums. Everyone loved them.

  • Jelly skeletons were another favourite. They looked great in the sweet bowl, they looked like they were ready to escape. They were all eaten by the end of the night.

  • Our last choice was Dracula fangs. Lots of fun was had by the children impersonating Dracula with these, and then they were promptly scoffed.
So hopefully, this provides you with some Halloween inspiration for next year. There is so much to get excited about with every season!

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