Monday, 30 November 2009

A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self

This post is inspired by 'The Sleep Is For The Weak writing workshop prompt.'
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Dear 16 Year Old Me,

I know you don't like your mothers advice at the moment and think that she is your worse enemy but in 4 short years you will realise why she does the things she does. Your independence scares her and despite wanting you to grow in to a woman, she wants you to have a safe journey in life. Try to remember that being a mother is not easy, especially when she still mourns for your father and the advice that he could have provided. Don't argue as you will soon come to learn that she will become one of your best friends in the entire world.

Enjoy your freedom and embrace the wonderful man you will meet on 10th October 1998 with all your heart. He will become your world and make you endlessly happy. When you fall out with your school friends through important exams, this doesn't matter. The only thing that will matter is that you have met the most perfect man ever for you, and he will love and protect you and make you feel the most special person on earth.

Be glad that your grief is subsiding for your dad and that your love is growing and deepening every day for your one day husband.

Your life is now going well and be thankful for what you have and love who you love! Just try to be a bit nicer to your mum!

Love Me xx


  1. What beautiful poignant vivid recollections!

  2. Oh how lovely! It makes me sad how many of these 'looking back' letters for the workshop this week mention some kind of loss. But it's so bitter sweet because they also tell amazing stories of love like you have for your husband.

    Big hug to your 16 year old self - she sound beautiful :) x

    Josie - Sleep is For Weak

  3. oh that is really poignant, your poor Mum, and poor 16 year old you, it would be so lovely to let our younger selves know that they don't need to worry and that it really will all get better.