Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween bookmarks

Yellow Moon Kids Crafts & Toys
has a wonderful array of affordable craft kits. Check out the website, there are some fantastic products! There are tons of Christmas kits here. Apart from the obvious attraction of the great range of kits, you can even help support your local school, group or charity as 25% of your spend goes as cash-back to them.

This particular kit retails for £3.99, and all you need to supply is the glue to stick the pieces together. Each easy-to-make kit includes pre-cut foam pieces to glue together, wiggle-eyes and instructions. You get six bookmarks in total, with three designs - a witch, a pumpkin and a cat.
As nice as it is spending time crafting together, yesterday was a really busy day. I had to tidy the house and put up the Halloween decorations, all whilst looking after a poorly baby. So what was great about this kit, was that I only had to give Master Craftiness the instructions and he got on. They were so simply presented that I didn't encounter any queries from him. Because of the fact that he done it all by himself, it obviously gave him a huge sense of achievement, as he seemed very proud of himself. It was so nice watching him get on with the kit as it really added to the exciting seasonal atmosphere. Whilst I glanced at the refrigerator, with the drawings of pumpkins and firework pictures made out of toffee wrappers, the mood enveloped me. This was how families were meant to enjoy seasons.

The packaging for the kits are basic; a wrapping of clear plastic. No fancy boxes or wasteful packaging of any kind. A part of the reason, in my opinion, why we see affordable prices from Yellow Moon, and obviously it is much better for the environment. You can see that just because it didn't come in a fancy box, it didn't make it any less appealing to Master Craftiness. He couldn't wait to get started.He really enjoyed popping out all the pieces and assembling the bookmarks. In some parts he even added his own little touches.

Here are the photographs of the pumpkin bookmark coming together.......And a rather pleased Master Craftiness with his finished creations.......

Bright, colourful and cheery - these little bookmarks look great. Master Craftiness was proud and rightly so! He plans on using them to keep in all his spooky books. I'll definitely be looking out for more kits to provide exciting anticipation of seasonal events. Well done Yellow Moon for providing children with affordable kits in this undesirable credit crunch!

Kit available from Yellow Moon

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