Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Anatomically correct skeleton - from

Halloween was made that little bit scarier with this 'Anatomically correct skeleton' from Brightminds. This is more than just a spooky decoration however. It's a brilliant way of enlightening children on the skeletal form. It's amazing to see just how our bones work. This is a half life-size skeleton and it comes with a sheet detailing all the names of the bones. The skeleton makes a great visual aid to make sense of exactly our bones move. Because of the fact that all of the bones are wired individually for natural movement, it makes it clear how our bones can only move in certain ways. The jaw of the skeleton is spring-loaded to improvise the mechanism of chewing and speaking.

This skeleton will be a huge benefit to Master Craftiness when he starts learning about biology in school. Unfortunately we learnt just how fragile the human form is when Master Craftiness accidentally knocked the skeleton over on a hard floor and broke his arm (Sorry Mr Boney!). Luckily it was just a case of fitting the arm back on, but I think it made him realise how easy it is to break a bone.

If you are an artist, you will also find this skeleton beneficial as you can observe the way bones move when walking etc. Arms and legs are removable on this skeleton which allows observations to be made close-up on the bones.

Overall verdict: More than just a spooky Halloween decoration, an excellent educational aid!
Rating 5/5

Available from Brightminds

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