Saturday, 28 November 2009

Simply Colors personalised clothing

In a multi-coloured box, wrapped in multi-coloured tissue paper currently resides a fetching personalised turquoise sweatshirt; from Simply Colors. This sweatshirt feels like heaven against the skin as it is made of 100% supersoft cotton. Aside from the softness, you won't find Simply Colors on the high street. The unique range of clothes is available only from the most select part of the Internet.

Simply Colors is a baby and kids clothing brand that was launched in 2005. When a lady named Keeley Edge received a personalised t-shirt from her sister in Spain for her son, she loved the quality so much she wanted to buy more. Alas, it wasn't available in the UK; so she quickly signed up to be the UK manager. This is wonderful, as us lovely Brits can now buy these clothes.

When I first logged on to the website I was overwhelmed with the array of fonts, colours, images, sizes and array of clothes that were available. So much choice! I loved the fact that all the products came with an affordable price tag as well.

After giving birth to my second son in December 2008, I was keen to embrace the fact that my oldest son was now a big brother. He had waited 6 long years for this. After searching the high street stores for something commemorating this life change and finding nothing, it made me realise that most high street stores didn't expect kids over 5 to be welcoming the fact that they were a big brother.

So when I logged on to Simply Colors website I was most excited to see that I could literally personalise a clothing item in ANY way I wished. There's not much more that pleases a mother than being able to kit her offspring in luscious and enviable clothes. It's even better being able to do that in a credit crunch. What is wonderful about these clothes is that despite being personalised you don't see a hike in product cost when comparing them to plain sweatshirts on the market. The personalised hooded sweatshirt I ordered for my son cost just £20.85. It's more than personalising them though, as you are not just simply adding a name. You can add your own slogan, add your own image, choose your own colour. It's like being a fashion designer.

For Internet security issues, I won't be able to show a picture of my personalised sweatshirt for my son. But here are some fabulous examples of the designs:

Love this one! What better way to celebrate the uniqueness of your child!

How's this for a festive one? Humorous too.Simple but classy. Acknowledging that all important fact.

How cute will your little one look on Christmas Day sitting cutely in this one?

Any negatives about this product? Nope.
So why do we love this again?
  • 100% supersoft cotton
  • 10 vibrant colours to choose from
  • Almost every item can be personalised with text.
  • Choose from 17 different fonts in 21 different colours.
  • They are affordable.
I now have a very happy son!

Would be ideal for a Christmas present!
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