Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Dorma bedlinen - Luxury You Can Really Love

I was recently invited by Dorma to take a look at a cushion from their 'Belvoir' range to give them some feedback and share these thoughts with all who care to read my blog. Well here goes......

The brand name 'Dorma' didn't cause me to scratch my head with puzzlement or go madly searching out their history on the World Wide Web. I was already well aware of the brand name as my mum owns a Dorma bed set that she received for her wedding nearly 30 years ago and do you know it's still going strong and looks good as new? I guess that's what you get when you buy quality products. Time passes by whilst quality lasts.

So I was more than keen to take a look at their current collection as I love anything to do with making my home my own little heaven. So the cushion in question is pictured below. On initial testing it was squishy but firm enough to provide support for a weary head. After a few weeks of using this cushion, I can confirm that the cushion retains its shape perfectly and looks great to add an element of interest on a bed, besides providing comfort. My bedding is always red but this cushion looked great as a contradiction to the red and certainly achieved Dorma's aim of adding a lavish and opulent touch!

Would I buy the whole range? I believe so. Because of the fact that the colour is cream, I think you could use the bedding in most room styles. Although, it would look particularly good if you have a period style theme in your bedroom. The sumptuous detailing on the pillow is great at drawing your eye to the exquisite embroidering and the pearlescent damask jacquard and soft scalloped trim is eternally timeless.

'Opulent' is the word to describe all of Dorma's products and so it's no surprise that they hold two prestigious royal warrants and supply Her Majesty the Queen. Besides the detailing on the pillow it feels sensational against the skin as it has a 300 thread count of pure cotton which exceeds most mass market bed linen. Yes, Dorma is slightly pricey, but I find myself saying this more and more these days, but it is really worth paying more for something that is going to last longer. You can see the amount of work that goes in to each cushion by taking a look at the photograph of the embroidery below.

Upon browsing through the pages of the current Dorma catalogue it appears that there is something for every one's design tastes. A few that literally enthral me and I can find myself daydreaming of leaping in to a freshly made bed with these lavish coverings on, which would feel akin to being a princess.

My personal favourite being the 'Genoa' range. Described as being ' a sumptuously embroidered design in daring black or red' it sounds highly appealing to me. Acanthus isthe plant featured on the design, it's a statuesque architectural plant which brings a strong hint of classical elegance to any bedroom. Which sounds highly apt to use in Dorma's designs.

Throughout Dorma's catalogue we are reminded that 'no matter how eclectic or dramatic' only the finest of materials are used.

Moving on the website It's a great website which goes by the same principles it uses in providing great quality home wares; simple, clear, fresh and easy on the eye. There is nothing cluttered about the website, it's easy to find any particular information you are trying to find and in the blink of an eye you can see all the products that are available. Besides bed linen, there are bath towels, blankets, throws, cushions and curtains galore. I love all the red items featured on the website and I also have my eye on the delicious room fragrances. Well done Dorma, I think you have covered every angle and I have absolutely nothing to complain about with your website. Actually, I do have a complaint; now I want to go on a spending spree!

The front page of the catalogue says it all; the company have been established since 1921, have two royal warrants and supply the Queen. Need I say more? I think it's safe to say that this company will most definitely be around for many years to come providing luscious bedding to anyone who is lucky enough to be able to afford it.

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  1. Great Blog !! Spacify has a variety of Luxury Bedding in traditional and contemporary designs, to decorate your Bedroom in New Style.

  2. Thank you Henry. I've just had a look and Spacify looks amazing! I wonder whether they ship to UK though? xx