Friday, 1 January 2010

Leapfrog 'My Pal Violet'

If only you could have seen my baby son's reaction to this toy. I opened the package containing 'My Pal Violet' and left it on the bottom step of the stairs. I wasn't planning on giving it to my son just then as he was covered in dinner. He was frantically pointing at it and as I continued up the stairs he started to cry in hysterics and point in frustration. I proceeded to get him cleaned up and then returned to collect the dog for him. I can tell you I have never been under such pressure. Whilst I rushed to cut the plastic wire twists keeping the toy in the box, my son acted like I was killing someone. He cried at me like I was the cruellest person in the world, preventing him from having Violet.

When I had finished and gave him the toy, I just wish I had had a video camera to capture his reaction! His little legs shook with delight and he was laughing whilst hugging her to him. He sat there for ages just listening to her voice in awe. When I took him out of the playpen, he managed to crawl over to me (the other side of the room) with Violet in his hand and crawled on to my lap with her. He was repeatedly looking at my face and then Violet's as if to gauge my reaction to her. Simply put, he is in love with her! When I personalised her to say his name, it was the icing on the cake. In fact he went to sleep holding her! I have never had such a reaction with a toy!

Here's a quick video of the toy in action, I couldn't do a very long video as obviously I don't want to publicise my sons' details on the internet.

I think this toy is a bargain at £15.99. I LOVE the colours of the toy and the embroidery on each paw which lets you know which button to press. You can choose to play learning songs, music or games. Violet will ask questions which will engage your child such as asking them about their favourite food or colour. I loved the fact that it was so easy to personalise, just connect the toy up by USB and log on to the Leapfrog website and you can personalise it not just with their name but their favourite colours, foods, songs. 'My Pal Violet' impressed every member of the family when she sang a song with my sons name and then spelt out each letter of his name in the song.

I think the below picture speaks for itself on how much we love this toy! We went out and bought the 'My Pal Scout' for our son's birthday!

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