Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Nubie wish list

I've just discovered Nubie and I think it's a brilliant shop/boutique to make your house look child-friendly and yet ultra-modern. As with any boutique you will only find the best quality of items. All items are ultra-colourful and made of the best materials you can find. My readers will know that I am a big fan of wooden toys and here I have found a hoard of toys that I really, really want for my children. In fact I have had to make my own wish-list up, so that I have a guide whenever I have spare cash to spend on toys.

The Nubie website is really well designed so that it's easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Sections are small enough to hold your interest so that you can view all toys in one sitting. The website is quite neutral and minimalist so that you can concentrate on viewing the most important things; the toys. I love the fact that I can browse all the funky toys for ages sitting in my pyjamas.

Nubie believe that if kids have their own inspirational and funky stuff, not only will it encourage a child’s development but it will also enable them to embrace and appreciate good design too! I think that is why I love Nubie so much!

You can furnish your baby in style with products from leading children’s designers such as Magis, Offi, Brio, Donna Wilson, Sebra, Skip Hop, Katvig and Holly's. What more could you want? I could spend hours browsing the website as all toys are so attractive and serve as dual purpose attractive decorations for the modern home.

I've started off my list with something we already have from Nubie; the Brio Stacking Clown! I love dual-purpose toys; toys that look great and have fantastic play value. My one year old son loves pulling off all the rings and throwing them about and my older son then stacks them up again for him. Eventually this will become a toy that teaches my youngest son about sequence but for now he is content with the bright colours an fun that he has just getting the rings off. This clown has in fact been a popular toy since the 1950's which proves that good toy design means that generation after generation can enjoy. It's such a nice variation on the classic ring stacker. And most importantly the wood is coloured in a safe way which is very important as babies are renowned for putting everything in to their mouths.

The Brio clown also has great educational value. It will help develop motor skills and will help them with developing their grasp. It also helps develop hand eye co-ordination. It's also a great way to help your child learn colours if you repeat the colour names as you put the rings on. You can make your children laugh hysterically with this clown by rearranging the clowns' body parts.

Here is my wish list for Nubie:

Blue Didicar

Castle by Villa Carton

Fea Bea Ugly Doll

Ox Ugly Doll

Transportation storage bin by Dwell

Music Cuddle Mouse

Nido Play Cave by Magis

Bib by Dwell Baby

Blue Sausage Dog shoes by No Added Sugar

Cuddlemoo towel

Go and have a browse at www.nubie.co.uk

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