Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Britax KIDFIX Car Seat

Further to my review on the Britax Duo Plus and the research that I done on car seat safety I was compelled to get the Britax KIDFIX for my seven year old. I previously had the basic booster seat which just does the job of elevating him so that the seat belt fits more efficiently. So now I have this gorgeous car seat in my car, apart from looking nice and making my son look like he is sitting upon a King's throne what are the advantages??

Let me explain......

To make sure that I was ordering the safest car seat possible for my son I used 'Fit-Finder.' The Fit-Finder is a great tool which allows you to input the age and size of your child and type of car you own to find the best suited car seat for your child. After inputting my details, the 'Fit-Finder' provided an explanation of why the Britax KIDFIX was the best choice. Safe in the knowledge that I had the experts' choice I awaited the arrival of the car seat.

It is an easy task to fit the car seat in to your car as it simply clicks in to place with the ISOFIX system. The ISOFIT system anchors the base directly to the car’s ISOFIT connection points eliminating any margin for error when installing the seat. It's really reassuring to know that the car seat will withstand any fiddling with the belt that children are known to do.

It's a little pricier than a basic booster seat retailing at around £134.99 but it is worth it as not only are you are getting all the extra safety features which I am about to go into but this seat offers protection right up until your child is 12 years of age.

Unlike the booster seat I had before the KIDFIX has side wings which offer my son so much more protection from side impact. I liked the fact that the seat belt actually goes under the arm rests offering a tighter and closer fit.

My son informs me that it is really comfortable and it also has a recline facility which he absolutely loves. The padded headrest also is a godsend as my son is very prone to falling asleep in the car.

The fact that it has won so many awards fills me with reassurance.

A simply excellent car-seat.

For more info visit www.britax.co.uk

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