Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Le Toy Van Lion Heart Castle

This is now officially one of my son's favourite toys and it's also mine too! It's become a centrepiece in my living room and really makes the room come alive with the magic of childhood play. The castle is so well made, so solidly built, so accurately proportioned and so eye-catching that it is sure to be a hit with any child. I am a big fan of wooden toys but this one outdoes any previous wooden toys we have. I suppose you could say it is the boys' equivalent of a dolls house as there is literally potential inching out of every pore of this castle. It's a great historical learning tool for your child as you can illustrate to them how the drawbridges worked and why castles had moats. Show them the dingy dungeons and let them have guards patrolling in the court-yard. We are looking for a big green dragon to add to this set to add the element of magic to this gorgeous piece.
This is most definitely going to become a toy that is handed down to future generations. It's worth every penny as it is not a toy that will end up in the bin a few weeks after Christmas.

The castle comes flat-packed, apart from the towers which are already made. So it is very simple to assemble, most of it just needing to be slotted together and then the front is screwed down to the board underneath.

Here's a close-up of the drawbridge.

This is a brilliant feature as you even have a knob on top to wind up the drawbridge. Inside you have the portcullis.

A close-up of the winch.

You can see this is oozing with play value. It has seven towers and a wall that the enemy can push their way through.

We rate this toy a fantastic 10/10.

Here is the review from Master Craftiness:

Available from www.brightminds.co.uk

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