Friday, 11 December 2009

A Christmas Letter

Enter the world of the Snowlies - of a dark pine forests, purples skies and icy lakes. Children will fall in love with these magical characters as they journey across the Arctic to deliver a letter to Santa in time for Christmas Day. Pop-ups and pull-the-tabs bring Ashe Ericksson's beautiful artwork to life and make this a book to be treasured year after year.

Top That Publishing never fails to amaze me with the unique angles that they bring to books. In this particular Christmassy book we have beautiful illustrations, adorable characters, a good story plot, a warm and happy ending combined with pull the tabs and pop-out pages.

When you open this book you can almost be forgiven for expecting magical sparkles to come out. I will show you exactly why we feel this book is magical....

You have magical characters that instill that childlike quality in adults and children. Because of the fact that they look angelic and likeable you are instantly drawn in to the story. Here they are trying to deliver a very important letter to Santa Claus.

This is one of our favourite pop-out pages. The paper engineering is excellent. The owl has that eerie sparkle in the eyes which makes it look astonishingly real.

I think you will agree that the book could be greatly appreciated even if there were no accompanying words.

This is inside Mr Rat's home.

The beauty of this book never ends. Here is a pull the tab page with yet another beautiful illustration.

This is the kittens inside the magical Snowlies 3D cave.

This book even grabbed my baby son's attention. His face lit up as he opened the door and Santa comes out.

Just looking at the illustration makes you feel all snugly and warm.

Santa doing what Santa does best.

This is the very realistic looking letter. I love the added touch of the British stamp.

Just when you think the book couldn't get any more beautiful you are greeted with this letter. After you read the letter the whole books seems very poignant. The book is filled with thought and is fuelled by a little boy's love for his grandma.

The letter reads:

Dear Santa Claus,

My granny is on her own for the first time this Christmas. What I would really like for Christmas is if you could bring her a kitten. Then she won't be lonely any more.

I would like a kitten too, but Granny is more lonely than me so please make sure that she gets this present.

Thank you.

Love from Duncan


This letter draws the book to an end in such a beautiful way. The fact that the little boy is worrying about his granny because it will be her first Christmas alone signifies the bond that children often have with grandparents. This book in my mind represents what Christmas is really about; caring for others and showing love.

Besides reading this book to my son, I showed this book to my mum and we both shed a tear over it. A truly outstanding book that will remain in the family for many years to come.

Here is Master Craftiness's take on the book:

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