Monday, 14 December 2009

Star of Wonder

Above the town of Bethlehem, a dazzling star lights up the sky, calling animals from all around to follow in its rays. With its soft sparkly star light and simple rhyming words, this charming adaption of the nativity story tells of a very special journey. As each page is turned, the Star of Wonder becomes bigger and brighter as the animals get closer to Bethlehem and the miracle that awaits them.

The star shines when the book is opened and will automatically shut off after a few minutes.

I think I have mentioned once or twice how much I love Top That Publishing and yet again they deliver the usual amount of wonder. A nice glossy hardback feels great and this is topped off with the fantastic illustrations and story. Despite the fact that I'm not a religious person, I think the story can be appreciated by anyone who wants to provide their child with a deeper understanding of the origins and background of Christmas. The book is simple enough for children to understand and the pictures also tell a story in their own right.

The dazzling star lights up each page and makes each page come to life. You can almost imagine yourself in Bethlehem......

If you take a look at the video above I am sure you can imagine yourself sitting by a warm and cosy fire reading this glorious book to your children. Religious or not, the story of the various people and animals travelling to Bethlehem under the guidance of a bright and shining star is heart-warming. The three wise men and camels struggle to stay awake but they know it is a journey they must make. Along the way various animals join the group. The book provides the ultimate anticipation with the line 'The star leads onward to Bethlehem, where a miracle is awaiting them.' My son found himself in turmoil between wanting to devour the detailed beauty on each page and racing to the end of the book where the miracle is awaiting. The miracle is of course Baby Jesus who will one day forgive their sins and keep them from danger.

A perfect Christmas book!
Available from Top That Publishing

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