Sunday, 24 January 2010

Le Toy Van 'Le Grand Garage'

I'm already a huge fan of Le Toy Van as you will know from my previous review on the Le Toy Van Lion Heart Castle. I don't think it's possible to beat the quality that wooden toys provide. They are sturdy, solid and worthy of withstanding the roughest of child's play. There is no fear of plastic cracking or bits dropping off. I am happy with the price of £59.99 as this is going to become an heirloom piece.

The Le Toy Van Le Grande Garage is a three storey wooden garage with ramps and wooden lift. It includes a car, helicopter and petrol pumps.

So how easy was it to set up?

Unlike the Le Toy Van Lion Heart Castle which slotted together and only required about three screws, this garage required a lot more assembly time. In fact, it took my husband around an hour and a half to assemble. It was quite a time-consuming job, but I think my husband would agree that our son's face was worth the assembly time when he saw the finished piece. It's constructed of painted wood, plastic spiral ramps and a lift that operates with a crank. Because of the sturdy quality of the wood, the finished garage is a very heavy item. So I would recommend assembling this where you want it to stay as it's quite heavy to move around. Again, this is an indicator of the quality.

I really love the colours used in this design, most boys items tend to be dull shades of blue. But Le Toy Van have managed to incorporate yellows, greens, reds and blues in to this design which allows the item to become a centrepiece in any room.
The level of detail is amazing in this garage, but more even more impressive is the educational benefits of this toy. The extensive use of symbols and simple words and numbers provides a great introduction for children on how letters and numbers are used in real life.

An all round winner!! Bright, colourful, educational and has a huge play value.

Available from Brightminds

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