Friday, 22 January 2010

Izziwotnot Celebration Luxury Gift Basket

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a new baby, then look no further than is an absolutely fabulous online store. They believe in childhood and want to celebrate free spirits, imagination and the creativity of all the children out there!

They believe kids should be inspired by their surroundings, free to explore colours, spaces and textures. They want to encourage kids' creativity by helping parents to design bedrooms that are practical, vibrant and above all fun!

They go to great lengths to source products that are kiddie cool! Products that make parents and children smile! Products designed with the uniqueness and character of every individual mini monster in mind! Products that reflect childrens uncontainable spirit and the places they love to visit in their imaginations!

The online store is bursting with great products to create eye-catching rooms that express the joys of childhood, so take a look at

I was busy scouring the Internet trying to find a gift for a friend who has just given birth, when I found this store. But along the way there were so many absolutely adorable items on the website I kind of got lost along the way. I've now made my own little wish list up if you would like to see:

Blue Skyline 3 piece Junior Room Set

Pitstop Room Set

My Mini Monsters Cushions

Kofi Rocker

After much deliberation, as there were so many delightful things to choose from, I decided upon the Izziwotnot Celebration Luxury Gift Basket (pictured at the top of the page). The pastel pink shades encased in the pale wicker appealed to all my motherly instincts and I knew that this was going to be something that would delight my friend.

On arrival the gift basket looked even better than what it had done on the website. In fact I was tempted to just keep it lying on my living room floor as it made the room look like something out of a baby catalogue. The wicker basket was sealed with a plastic lid and tied up with a delightful Izziwotnot ribbon. All the items inside were neatly folded and screamed to be opened by the new mother. The girly colours were really set off by the little teddy bear included with the set. It's not just any bear that graces this set however, it is izziwotnot.

The label that is attached to the ribbon tells the story of izziwotnot. It goes like this:
'Here is the story behind izziwotnot. Now you probably think we invented izziwotnot don't you? Far from it, izziwotnot is a very special teddy bear much loved by two sisters, Caroline and Juliette, izzi (as he tends to be known) has travelled the world and seen many things. But today izzi plays an important part in making sure all our products are just right. He keeps an eye on things you see.'

This story seems to add an element of magic to the box and this little teddy bear features on the design of most of the items in the box. So I suppose by this point you are wondering what exactly you get in the box?

You get:

1 sleepsuit
1 bodysuit
1 hat
1 bib
1 pair of mitts and booties
1 toy
1 fleece blanket
And don't forget the lovely wicker basket which can later be used to store all manner of things in.

The clothing items are 100% cotton and are really high quality. The stitching and embroidery is detailed and certainly contributes to the wow factor of this gift basket as a whole.

When my friend received this basket she sat for at least five minutes just admiring all the items and repeating how much she loved it.

So if you have a gift that you want to get for someone special, I would highly recommend taking a look at this website

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