Sunday, 24 January 2010

Valentine's Day Personalised Book -

The next event on our calendar is Valentine's Day. So keep an eye on Sweet Craftiness in the next few weeks as we will be finding all those lovey dovey items that make you swoon with happiness.

The latest Valentine's find is this absolutely gorgeous book from

This book is just one of many beautiful books available on the site. They specialise in photo personalised books suitable for adults and children. I have trawled the entire site with pure admiration as there are so many novel gift ideas. I particularly loved the 'Now I Am One' book which celebrates the many things children are able to do once they get to one. For children who are not fussy on reading this is a great way to bring the book to life and make reading fun.

If my husband had gone to the trouble of ordering me one of these Valentine's books I would have been over the moon. The whole book features these gorgeous little characters and the book allows each page to be personalised with your names.

The moment I pulled the book out of the packaging, I could feel the high quality card and paper used to make this book. It was like being a mini celebrity getting a whole book dedicated to my love life.

The book features 24 pages of romantic illustrations from the celebrated original artwork of Kim Casali. It was quite apt that the characters happened to have black hair and red hair, like me and my husband. This part was just pure coincidence however, but it certainly impressed me even more. The sentiments are romantic without being over the top and revolting. I was able to show my mum this book with no embarrassment. It's just a lovely reminder of the things we take for granted everyday which signifies our love for each other.

There's room on the front page for a lovely personalised message.

It's a delightful book which will uplift anybody's spirits.

Even my little boy enjoyed reading through the book.

Throughout the book there are twelve illustrations created for you to personalise with your names and additional information such as your favourite film to watch together and favourite food.

12 of the illustrations are personalised to the couple and include their names, their favourite television programme/film to watch together, favourite restaurant/pub, the females date of birth and her favourite food. The couple's names feature on the front of the book.

Each 32-page book is digitally printed to a high standard on thick paper with a laminated cover to make it more durable.

Overall, I was more than impressed with the book. It's great quality and contains beautiful illustrations and romantic sentiments. I can't think of a sweeter gift to give on Valentine's Day. This will be something that I will always treasure! If you have a wonderful man in your life that treasures you and makes you his whole world, why not have one of these books made to show him how much you appreciate and love him!

I will certainly be bookmarking for future reference.