Sunday, 3 January 2010

simplehuman press-n-tear kitchen roll holder

My readers will know my love of attractive items for the home. I love things to be functional and yet swanky looking and so when I laid eyes on this kitchen roll holder I knew I had to have it. It looks nice and sturdy and the stainless steel keeps the kitchen looking sparkly clean.

When I first opened the box and took the kitchen roll holder out I was surprised by the weight of this item, the weight seems to mainly be in the base so that the holder remains steady when removing a piece.

The metal frame around the bottom ensures that the kitchen roll doesn't unravel and remains nice and snug. The best bit about the press-n-tear kitchen roll holder is that it features a spring-loaded knob that allows you to stop the roll and easily tear off just one sheet at a time. You just push down the knob at the top and pull; it's as simple as that. This is a great feature as it prevents wastage.

My only problem with the press n tear is that you can only use kitchen rolls measuring 22.8cm in height which means that if you want to go with cheaper kitchen rolls such as 'Thirst Pockets' then you simply can't as they are not tall enough for the mechanism in the kitchen roll to step in to action. So you would be looking for kitchen rolls such as 'Bounty' for this kitchen roll holder to work. Obviously, you could just use it as a manual holder but then it leaves no point in buying a 'press-n-tear' holder. It would be great if the manufacturers could put a function on this holder so that you could lower the holder to adjust for different size kitchen rolls.

It's a great quality item though and the press-n-tear function works each and every time. The item comes with a 5 year warranty so that shows that the company places a lot of faith in the product.

I love this item and it serves its purpose well.

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