Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kidsleep clock

Desperate for sleep, desperate for something that could return sanity to our lives; I went on the hunt to find some decent nightlights. I've already mentioned that we found the Lumilove night light fantastic but I also wanted something to illustrate to my son when he should be in bed and when he is able to get up. Bombarded with constant visits from him throughout the night, questioning how much longer before he could get up, this was a problem I really wanted to solve as we were all getting pretty fed up with the situation.

On reading up on this clock I was impressed that it acted as a nightlight, traditional alarm clock and had a wake-up time indicator. The rabbit lying down tells the child that it is too early to get up. The rabbit standing up tells the child that he/she may get up. This retails at £39.00 so is a little more expensive than your average nightlight but I was optimistic as to the many other benefits it offered.

Upon pulling the nightlight out of the packaging I was a little surprised as to the weight of the item as it did seem very lightweight which made me wonder about the durability of the item. However, straight away my baby son got hold of this and road tested it as he dropped it on the floor and it appears the nightlight is very 'kid-tough.' It's nice to have testers who are always willing to lend a hand.

The alarm was easy to set up and all that was left to do was see how effective this nightlight was at helping my son. In darkness the nightlight was dimmer than what your average nightlight is; but this also added to the soporific effect of the rabbit cuddling down in bed and seemed to make my son want to tuck that little bit further down under his duvet.

With fingers crossed I left the room and attempted an undisturbed night sleep. You can only imagine my joy when I woke BEFORE my son. On asking my sons opinion the next morning he informed me that the reason he stayed in his own bed was because of the fact that he felt like he had someone else sleeping in the room with him. So I was exceedingly pleased with this!

This is a very inventive item that seems to do its purpose very well!

Available from JoJo Maman Bébé

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