Sunday, 17 October 2010

Miners Autumn/Winter Nail Collection

Wow! Miners have just released an absolutely stunning array of colours for their Autumn/Winter Collection. I am in love with them. If there is one thing that will cheer me up it's beautiful colours. I have listed the colours in my order of preference:

Dorothy's Shoes- I'm not sure I even needed the name of this nail varnish as it instantly reminded me of Dorothy's ruby red slippers and the magical way that they glistened and glowed. Those slippers were very much in demand and I am sure that this nail varnish will be too.

Midnight Lavender is described as the colour of Lavender as it sparkles by moonlight; how beautiful a description is that?
LBD which obviously stands for Little Black Dress. Just like a Little Black Dress this is an essential item. Totally matte black, this is for girls who are going for the dramatically bold look.

Perfect to create a festive look. Molten is a liquid gold shade with added shimmering particles you will be dazzling your way to the dance floor in a flash!

Mulberry Shimmer is a rich mulled wine shade with gold shimmer particles that dazzle in the light - perfect for festive frolicking day or night.

Here's my review:

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