Saturday, 9 October 2010

Review: Lakeland Santa's Advent Workshop Calendar

I ADORE Christmas and actually when it comes to Christmas products I am like a big kid. Anything that can make the build-up to Christmas more magical is good in my book. So I had to share with you this AMAZING advent calendar from Lakeland. If you remember last year I showed you this beautiful Bethlehem Advent Stable from Lakeland. I thought Lakeland would have a hard time surpassing the beauty of the calendar this year; but yet again they have managed to create a magnificent piece.

It holds all the same qualities of last year's piece:

Future heirloom: because the item is so well made it can be passed down to future generations.

I have taken close-up shots of the calendar to emphasise how extremely well made the item is and the fantastic amount of detail that has gone in to it. Every angle of the calendar beholds something for the eyes to feast on.
You have carved wood, delicate figurines and wintery painted scenes. To me this calendar is the ultimate Christmas treasure. It is the perfect alternative to the traditional Christmas chocolate advent calendars; much healthier, lasts longer and quite simply a centrepiece for any room.

Taking a look inside the small room you can almost be forgiven for thinking you have been taken to the far away land of the North Pole. So breathtaking is the beauty of this calendar.....

Further to that the base rotates 360 degrees so that you have easy access to place each day's piece.

As we get closer and closer to Christmas this scene is going to become more breathtakingly beautiful!

The whole scene looks like someone has waved a magic wand over a real life scenario, to create this miniature version. That's how realistic the calendar is. The intricate detail of the painted background holds all the magical characteristics you would expect if you stepped in to Santa's workshop. You can almost smell the smell of candy canes, see the snow fall and hear the elves at work as the whole scene is so atmospheric.

This gets 5/5 from Sweet Craftiness.

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